Warlords Launch Q&A, Live Wednesday Nov 12th!

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This Wednesday, I’ll be joining World of Warcraft Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas and Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut to answer your questions live on Twitch.TV! With Warlords of Draenor’s launch only a couple of days away, we’re sure there’s plenty of questions we weren’t able to answer at BlizzCon, and now is your chance to ask them!

When: Wednesday, November 12th, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (see this handy tool to find when that is in your local time!)
Where: The World of Warcraft channel on Twitch.TV/WoW

There are two ways to submit questions. If you’re using Twitter, simply tweet your question using the hashtag #WarlordsQA. You can also ask it as a reply to this forum thread; however, as we’d like to get to as many questions as possible, we will only consider questions using 40 words or less. Make them count! In order to be considered, your question must be submitted before 12:01 AM PST on Wednesday, November 12th.

See you there!
Will we ever see a rescale of female blood elf weapon size, and other model issues such as shoulder and shield clipping for Taurens?
What is planned for 6.1?
Is the PvP Safety working as intended? If so, is there any plan to include an interface option to turn off this PvP Safety?

To Elaborate: Do you really intend to force people on PVE servers to always toggle our flag before attacking an enemy player?
Will undead characters ever get to choose to keep their bones inside their bodies like Sylvanas (their queen) does? :D
Are the class designers actually happy with Arms as it went live, or can those of us disenfranchised look forward to improvements eventually?
when are the new models for blood elf coming out?
Will we see a bigger effort into the return of class quests soon? The Warlock green fire quest was awesome, thought admittedly was too difficult for myself so I didn't complete it lol
Will we be able to skip Tanaan Jungle after we complete it for that faction?
11/10/2014 12:06 PMPosted by Dreadbow
Will we ever see a rescale of female blood elf weapon size?

female blood elf weapon size is fine. not over-sized and over-dramatized like human female.
cant wait
Assuming this is quantifiable...how much validity does blizzard put into Simulationcraft damage numbers? 25%? 50%? 75%?
Monks look better in cloth than leather, Vancleef wears cloth armor, and shamans can transmog to low level paladin gear but not to shaman gear. Will we ever be able to transmog things like leather to cloth, plate to mail?
will monks ever actually use their fist weapons to punch stuff?

  • Will Tauren weapons get scaled down to prevent the "handle through head" clipping problem?
  • Is there a reason why Lava Burst has zero gain from Critical Strike chance (ie: crit strike rating/buffs)?
  • Will the Elemental mobile rotation get "simplified"?
  • Are you concerned about some specs potentially hard capping certain stats early on? eg: Elemental with a 4714 multistrike rating hardcap, which is obtainable with multiple buffs (Elemental Blast, Frostwolf, Blackiron Micro Cruicible) or Mythic gear with some gems/warforging
what were the best suggestions you got at blizzcon, and is LnL going to finally scale instead of a 20 percent chance at ilvl 0 and ilvl 9001
I don't have any questions, good luck with the launch, Blizz~
Will there be a way to quickly level archeology like with the other professions, or will we need to level with the current method, dig and assemble? I know the new jumping game will award us with skill point.
Can we get more info about the new transmog system? I know it will work similar to D3, but will it be per character or account wide? On launch or a future patch?

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