What Auras and Seals to use in PvP?

It's nice when you have multiple Pallys and can have different Auras going, but I'd love to know when you use the right aura. I'm fairly good at starting with Crusader Aura to increase the speed of the pack, and then changing it when the battle actually occurs.

I usually have the Retribution Aura.
I usually use the Seal of Justice, but for AV will use Seal of Truth.

But any advise would be greatly appreciated in terms of general strategy.


snare seal, armor aura. at least, that's what I do. Ret just doesn't do enough damage to be worth it imo. Definately a PVE aura.

Get the dazing avengers shield glyph and use that when they try to kite you. If you really wanted to go PVP you could get the single target AS glyph also which makes your AS hit a good bit harder. AS, judge while running in, pop Plea, SotR hope for crit if so then you win if not start the AOE spam up for word of glory and hope for crusader proc.

As for talents you really need to drop improved hammer of justice for Judgements of the Just. when you hit 71 and 73 get improved judgement in the ret tree, so great to use all around.
Am i the only person who thinks our "snare seal" is the most worthless thing in the game?

adds 200 holy damage to attacks, and slows people to 100%.

Dunno about yall but classes i'm trying to slow to 100% can CC me and stop me, stopping me for 1-2 seconds already puts me out of melee rnage to where i hafta chase for another 1-2 seconds just to get back in range to auto attack.

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