Exorcism question

I need a clarification here, about exorcism (I'm talking about holy geared holy paladins, and not shockadins).

With 4.0 I was under the impression that the removal of the cooldown on exorcism and its substantial damage would make it possible to level up with a pure holy spec, and holy gear... However it seems like I'm doing exactly the same damage through exorcism at 85, with better ilevel gear, than I was at lvl 80 with my icc gear.

My question is; was exorcism supposed to scale up with spell power or it's still just a spell for ret?
(I think) it only uses 34% of your SP. So it doesn't scale that well.
rechecking info....
(thought exo was 15% AP and 15% SP)
All dps abilities are behaving that way, due to stat decay.
I dunno.... I'm pretty sure my holy shock does substantially more damage than at 80, yet exorcism has barely changed at all.

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