Ret paladin crit rating way down

Is anyone else having problems getting their crit up? My gear level is 337 (equiped), I am hit capped, expertise capped, and working on haste, but my crit is still at 6-7%!. My raid dps companions are at 20% or more crit while being capped in other stats.
Don't you need 8% hit and 26 Expertise? If that's so, then you're under the hit cap, and over the expertise cap. I'd just fix some reforges, maybe that would give you a bit more crit.

Or at least help you hit the hit cap.
Armory has not updated (I have 7.6% hit), and it is not counting my sword expertise, seal of truth expertise, or new enchants.
Be more concerned with haste, not crit. It's important, but not nearly as much as haste.
Then assuming your crit chance listed is correct (7%) that means TV and J have a 19% chance to crit with Arbiter of Light. CS has a 22% chance to crit with Rule of Law, and HoW has a 67% chance to crit with Sanctified Wrath. I don't know what crit talents other classes have, but that seems like a lot.

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