Mana problems... for the time being.

Im not positive how much it is just me or the tanks im healing. but i have also seen most other healers i have been in groups with running out of mana super fast.

It seems like i have to fight very hard to keep even with the damage being taken. not that im asking healing to be easy but it just seems like the % that is healed doesnt come close to the % dmg taken.

i use holy shock till 3 stacks then use holy power as much as possible and that helps a whole lot with mana but the cost of FoL is so much for how little it heals and HL is so slow for how little it heals.
Healers have, at least in the last expansion, been the person the group falls back on when they fail to do their job properly. Blizzard has effectively made that impossible (now EVERYONE has to do their job, or we fail.)

That said, lose Arbiter of the Light in favor of 3/3 Crusade (+30% healing to a spell you use on cooldown? Oh yes!) and pick up some more glyphs. Seal of Insight will help out your throughput (and indirectly, your mana efficiency). Light of Dawn is a raiding glyph - if you're just running five mans, the extra spot is wasted. Not that we have much better glyph choices, but Cleansing wouldn't hurt (and cleansing a poison/disease/magic debuff is often far cheaper than healing through the damage it causes.) Word of Glory is also a good one (increasing the healing of our free heal? Yes please!)
are your groups using any crowd control?
Well I don't really like putting in my 2 cents but... At my level I have healed Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides, and all but the 3rd boss in TotT i have had now mana issues or healing problems. I don't know if it is just my healing style or not but, for randoms(i am not able to do heroics do to being level 83 but), I use HS FoL, and that new Holy Radiance spell. And I have had no mana or problems(excluding dumb dps) of any kind. I mean yeah i have the tendancy to spam heal like in WotLK but that is not how we heal anymore. If you haven't talked to druids lately but they made them the new tank healers and made us the new raid healers.....

And as for the spells look at the mana cost, FoL cost 3.2k mana and DL uses 3.5k mana... sure FoL dont hit as big but mine does 1/2 - 3/4 the amount of my Divine Light, and for 300ish mana less it seems like the better spell to use to me. Yeah i use my HS to 3 stacks(if the fight gets that long) and my HR when it is off CD, and with those 2 spells and beacon on the tank, i only use FoL when on the tank when i know big dmg is incoming. And DL when things get sketchy in accidental pulls.
But like i said that's how i do things, now maybe its my gear or spec i don't know..... I'm hoping in someway this helps, if it does great if not sorry

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