3 heals to 7 heals

this is just too much to adjust to we went from having 3 heals to 7 and i only have 5 fingers,
the need to merge holy light with flash of light that would make things reasonable any holy pallys disagree?
We actually have nine heals, counting Protector of the Innocent and Enlightened Judgements through Beacon of Light.

Have a nice day.
I'm having no problems, I have shift+1-5 as key bindings and a mouse with 12 buttons.
i do agree healing is currently not easy by any means but having a good group helps alot having members avoid side damage and using there cd's will help you alot also i agree both of those spells are not good but must be used for now my main issue is letting the tank get to 20% then mana burning him back up if i have no instant holy power
I'm really baffled by this. For years people complained that paladin healing was just bind every key to flash of light and faceroll across the keyboard. Now pally heals are FINALLY interesting and you want the faceroll back?

I love priest and druid healing and never found pally healing any fun, whack-a-mole = lame. I just got my grid / clique / power auras all set up with a heal spec and have been having a fantastic time learning the NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME nuance of pally healing. It is fantastic.
yall havent even done heroics yet...
im with lipstick..im gonna just guess this is a troll post or something.. mmos usually are one of these easiest dam things to play ever these basterds at blizzards finally start making some changes that make the old noodle actually go into motion while playing and you complain??!?!?!

Hey blizzard once the third world war kicks off you know the one were even the corperations will have armys can i join yours?
Just cause you have 7 heals doesn't mean you are constantly fretting which to use at any moment, assuming you have basic healer knowledge. It's actually pretty straight forward and the niches fall in VERY nicely. I'm personally loving the options, but here's my guideline so far.

Holy Light - This is your spammer. Should feel familiar to spam, just not as powerful. If you are not casting any other heal and you tank is getting hit, you can spam on this.

Divine Light - This when damage is getting high and you need a fat heal (but not RIGHT NOW).

Flash of Light - Our "OH SHHH---" button. This is when damage is high and you need a fat heal RIGHT NOW.

Holy Shock - Should be cast whenever it's up. Procs Infusion of Light and nets an automatic Holy Point. Solid but not great, has the classic power of instant casting.

Holy Radiance - Finally some AoE. Stick with melee whenever you can and it should be obvious when to blow one of these.

Word of Glory - MUCH better than I thought it would be. A really fat heal at 3 Holy Points at instant speed. Grab the Eternal Glory talent and enjoy getting to do these twice or even three times in a row. Great for saving mana.

Light of Dawn - Very nichey, but nice to have when the group gets hit with spread out damage and either Holy Radiance is on CD or you can't run in.

All in all, my only issue right now is mana maintenance and weakness of heals, but damage comes slower now so I'm hoping it balances it. Just try not to get frantic.

EDIT: Wow, I had 2 of the procs wrong on Holy Shock. What a maroon... You shouldn't even have Denounce in a dungeon / raid spec.
LoD heals your beacon target for more than WoG if you hit the tank and 1 other person not including yourself. WoG does have the 40% chance to be free but I generally use LoD much more frequently. Earlier had a group with 2 melee and a hunter. LoD on myself, 2 melee, a pet and the tank is about 27k healing on the tank + 9k on each of the 4 other people noncrit.
i was Holy pally in all of wrath. it was easy and boring. i spent the entire time as MT and OT pocket heals. With the new changes i love that we have more options. its not any more dificult. once your used to healing in general you will know the right time to use the correct heals.

My only beef with this is holy light. i think the amount of dmg it heals is fine. but it could be a tad faster although im sure that haste will be important to use in the higher tiers of gear. the faster you can spam that low heal the better it is for the rest of the group.

I do however miss the 100% heals through the beacon of light. this 50% kills me sometimes. although just takes some getting used to.
I like where holy is as well. Pop-a-mole was EXACTLY what Wrath was. It was so intensive, you could be standing in fire dying without immediately realizing it. Now, we have to worry about positioning for two AOEs, judging the right targets (as opposed to the sapped ones) and managing our holy power and mana. I miss feeling godly, but I love it all the same.
Like many pallys, I was resistant to the changes at first. As I have become more adept at managing my spells, I find myself enjoying healong a lot more.

^ to Gleemonex, you took the words right off of my keyboard

Get it.
Truthfully, I enjoy paladin healing now more than ever. Do get a bit miffed needing 3 hopo for our light of dawn, which since nobody groups up is almost useless anyway XD
Just curious: where'd your other hand go? I have ten fingers.

And, last I checked, you only casting one heal at a time, so you really only need one or two fingers, depending on how you set up your key bindings. Which I hope you set up.
So, each one of your 5 fingers are tied to one key on the keyboard ? Every spec on every class have more skills then anyone has fingers, should everyone of them have 5 skills ??
I've been healing for the last expansion and it was retartedly easy... sure the heroics are actually stated that how so dumb tanks can go in and do "duuuur im a tank!" I love pally heals sure I do oom so what? Im proud to be a paladin. Alittle adjustment and tweekin and you'll be fine.
i was always upset that pallies had the least amount of heals compared to the other classes, and given the bad press on ret these days, i'm kinda excited to try being holy again
Learn to bind keys.. I dont care about strafing so i use q and e for some of my important heals, 1234 are easy to hit.. then i have some set with shift+e, shift+1, ect.. im not a fan of winers.. but this may help with ur lack of fingers =) Goodluck ha

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