3 heals to 7 heals

I completely agree with the OP. I mean, we have 26 letters in the alphabet, but we only have 10 fingers...OMG WTF??? How will we ever be able to type with only 10 fingers and over 26 keys to press. The correct answer of course is that we need to nerf the english language. We need to cut down on the excess letters that don't get used very often, even though when they are used they are pretty powerful. Also, I hate that I have to use these letters at the right times.
This can't be a serious post...

Really...complaining about having spells to cast? I've been playing healers since day two of WoW. I didn't make my paladin until TBC came out and I could make one and stay horde. But I so abhorred paladin healing (one button spam) that I tanked all through WOTLK in PvE. Not until 4.0 came and we gained spells and utility did I start actually enjoy healing in PvE with my paladin. now I'm back to healing with my paladin and my original priest is back on the shelf for healing.

It's really not difficult. Pally's still have one of the easier sets of spells. Try out a priest and then come back and complain about the number of spells.

Honestly, can you say you really really enjoyed sitting in one spot, hitting one, maybe two buttons for hours on end?
try playing a holy priest with over 20 heals. Before when we had 3 heals, we really only used one of those 3 for the majority of the time. At least now we have more buttons to press and healing actually requires us to make the right choice.
I dont care about strafing

What!? I think this may beat the OP for dumbest thing said in this thread. Strafing is the fastest way to get out of a cone attack, and likely the fastest way to get out of any zone attack (if you move toward the mob you chance getting hit by a cleave or something, backing up is slow as hel*, and turning and running is also slower than just strafing and changes your direction so you're no longer facing your target - less important for heals but why, why remove strafing, you have so many other keys man!?).

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