lvling a pally :)

so. my pally is lvl 26 and is currently prot i have several questions for the pally community.
well first id like to ask wether questing is faster then spamming lfd as either tank or heals.

second id like to ask, if questing is faster, should i quest as prot or ret.

now the reason i ask is i see forums saying ret is complete trash and see others telling them l2p the spec is fine.

i know avengers shield is really nice but something about ret.... drawls me to it so yea :D thx

and sorry if the spacing is stupid... tried to make it not look like a block of txt :P
I leveled as a protection paladin then as a retribution paladin. I promptly went back to a protection paladin because of the following reasons:

1. Avenger's Shield is simply awesome in my experience.
2. The increased survivability is another good reason to play protection.
3. Wrath of the Lightbringer narrows the DPS gap between protection and retribution. I sometimes feel that I can deal more DPS with my protection paladin than my retribution paladin.
4. Hammer of the righteous, consecrate, holy wrath, and avenger's shield allow you to take on a lot of mobs at once.
5. Faster swings. I kind of felt slow and awkward with two handed weapons.

I haven't tried shield of the righteous yet. I'm looking forward to it. I heard it's awesome.
I am dual RET/PROT spec'd I started as RET and My dps numbers started to fall no matter what I did so I spec'd Prot so I could Run as a tank and have higher DPS number with AOE's and faster cooldowns, I am new to the game and am having fun but I don't play my ret spec anymore due to LOW DPS
I'm prot holy, leveled to 69 prot now trying holy: I think it would have been better if I had tanked less and healed a little more (as I currently really suck at healing lol)

but both are fun. I would probably say, if you plan on skipping dungeons go ret/prot, but if you want dungeons go prot/holy just for the faster queue time and survivability
Switch to prot for questing in OL. I've soloed all the elites easily, and I'm hitting for bigger numbers. I use ret spec to travel...
I leveled as protection and it was one of the most fun leveling experiences I've had. I soloed literally every elite quest up to 80 as prot, not sure if you can do that with the other specs.

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