Ret rotation... What is it?!

Before Cataclysm hit, I was pretty sure the rotation for retribution paladins went something like this:

CS x CS x CS TV CS x CS x CS TV CS etc.

Where X could be hammer of wrath, exorcism, judgement, holy wrath, or consecrate, depending on which one has a larger priority and is off cooldown.

Pretty simple and systematic... But I've read on elitistjerks that the ret rotation is actually completely priority, and that it's actually:

HoW > Exo > TV > CS > Judge > HW > Cons

So which one is it? O_o If I use CS and then use judgement, should I wait for CS to come off cooldown to use again or should I go right to HW and use CS once it's off cooldown?

I'm very confused.
Whoa whoa, a spec that relies on multiple procs using priority? BLEW! MY! MIND!
Whoa whoa, a spec that relies on multiple procs using priority? BLEW! MY! MIND!

Aw. How about helping a poor soul in lost in the sea of changes?
I see this forum is a poor choice for intelligent discussion... I'll take my issues elsewhere.

Thank you for your time
DPS will come and go, but we'll always have Patch 3.0 :)
Ignore the naysayers on the forums if you're getting dismayed about DPS. That said, you want to ignore any form of rotation and go with the priority system listed above, albeit it with some minor changes because of 4.0.3

Inq > Exo > HoW > TV > CS > Judge > HW > Cons

Exorcism is now by far a big hitter, even edging out slightly past HoW, so use it on AoW procs even below 20%. You want to keep Inquisition always up, and want to refresh it when it gets to around the 5ish second area. You'll get used to that fairly quickly.

Mastery throws some interesting kinks into the formula, but it doesn't change the priority any really. It's quite convenient if you need to refresh Inquisition, and if you don't, spend it on a TV, unless AoW is active or HoW is up.

As you probably noticed, DS is now almost utterly useless. Unless it's a pack of 5-6+, never use it; CS will likely do more damage as well as guarantee a Holy Power.

Other than that there really isn't much to it. Best of luck to you in your travels.
I agree with Varle about Exorcism. On a regular basis my Exorcism normally hits 2-4k harder than HoW.

It's taking some getting used to with Inquisition though...I really, really don't like the ability.
Yea you feel like a rogue to huh? After being off the game for a year and a half it took me awhile to get used to playing again, still trying to get the strat down but I do agree we do need some fixes. I'm not giving up though i'm sticking with my pally :)
yeah, i agree that the new strat takes some getting used to... but i think playing a pally is alot more fun now once you get the rotation down. the only thing that sucks is not being 81 yet and not being able to fully use the set rotation until you learn inquisition. but all in all i think the ret pally is still a fun and effective class to play.
It's simple: Start with CS, use a filler, ano...PROCS AH DAMN! SMASH HEAD ON KEYBOARD! ALL OF THEM COMING AT ONCE! AOW, HOL, DAMN, then CS again...then wait 4s for cs to get off CD (drink some coffee or w/e), rence and repeat.

But on a serious note:
We use a priority now, not a rotation

Against non-undead mobs: Inq > HoW > Exo > TV > CS > Judge > HW > Consecration
HoW still beats Exo despite of lower normal damage range because of the absurd crit chance it has, so, overall during an entire fight HoW still beats Exo

Againts undeads and daemons: Inq > Exo > HoW > TV > CS > Judge > HW > Consecration
Here Exo beats HoW because, well, it gets a 100% crit chance.

You should be using CS - filler - filler, instead of the CS - filler like on 4.0
Excellent explanation. Nice and simple. Thanks.

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