SaS, Sucking at Something

I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I'm a ret now Tauren alchemist pally with Ret/Holy spec and I'm loving the holy power set. Before Cat and while i was still a belf, the holy power let me take down chillwind (The group quest for the tournament) on my own. It was magical.
The new armor is slick cus of the mastery bonuses and the crazy boost of strength and armor (Did anyone else dropped their jaw when they saw that or was it just me?) and all was looking well.
Then I almost died from getting in a fight with two monsters...
Maybe this is just me but, I feel like the pally's have lost something that they need/had before... Thinking on it now I used to spam crusader strike like mad but maybe I just never realized i sucked at being a paladin until cataclysm? Or maybe they're missing some other melee ability to fight with.

Someone help: My usual DPS plans involved charging head on into enemies and my strategy with talents was to cause lots of damage really fast, be it from exorcism's DoT or seal of Truth (Righteousness when against groups) and I can't help but notice that my standard damage doesn't seem to do much of anything to them... Crits maim the hell out of them but still >_>

as for healing I ... okay i just suck at healing in general due to being Noob... lB

(SIDENOTE: coo, forums have our current armors on it :O )

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