Can Holy Wrath be made to be smart?

I'm talking about it not hitting critters and hitting cc'd targets. Lets face it, we have 2 spells (that aren't dependant on a proc or holy power) that is direct damage: crusader strike & judgement. Judgement is a joke for damage, its basically an opener to get to the mob fast and to keep your haste up. Crusader strike is a pretty basic attack... when I rush into a pile of mobs while the tank is pulling it out (and the mages, warriors, rogues, hunters, warlocks,... well you get the idea...) are hammering on that mob , I'm sitting there waiting for my crusader strike to come off cooldown and PRAYING for an art of war proc (that never happens :/ )

Can Holy Wrath be tweaked a bit to maybe only focus on non-cc'd targets and not to hit critters... i mean if the damage gets cut with more targets, great... but when i see a stray beam of holy energy drift off to nowhere to see it pick off a cockroach and knowing that damage isnt going to the mob it angers me a bit.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts... also maybe reduce the cooldown since again, we're so damn proc dependent it's annoying approaching a boss with judgement (which lets face it, more often than not doesn't give holy power), followed by crusader strike, then holy wrath then crusader strike again ... then we play the waiting game or the game of chance to get a art of war proc or mastery proc.
I like knowing that I'm losing out on my TPS because there was a critter nearby.
It's fine. Your tanks need to learn to move the primary targets AWAY from CCed mobs.

As for critters... pop an AOE before the pull...
The wrath of the holy power cannot be contained or controlled.

No bunny is safe...

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