@ at below avg pvpers QQ at mages

Ladies and gents, please do not feed the trolls.
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Mages haven't been hard to play for a long time. They changed mages so much that everyone else isn't good enough compared to them.

P.S. 2200 doesn't make you good sorry kid
I can't take this seriously just from the way you type and talk.
Druids and priests were in their for healing reasons. Both these classes have been the best PvP healers up until this expansion.
Warriors were most represented due to their MS effect. Any true team would not be caught dead without this effect (Hence why it was given to other classes)
Paladins, rogues and death knights (Im not sure why you didn't mention them) have all had their super over powered moments.

I'm not saying mages are easy. However melee is harder than range (well known and agreed) and mages have more snares than any other class. That, in combination with making frost PvE viable has mad the class over powered.

You can argue as much as you want. But there is no escaping the over powered call.
Hey Blizzard, rock here! Could you please nerf paper? Oh, and scissors is fine the way it is.
Mages have also never sucked either, but that doesn't justify the stupid amounts of overpowered goodness they display now.

I know you are trying to justify your class, but you simply can not. It's sad that you create a post, explaining why your class takes skill, when clearly it does not. I play a feral druid, I know my class is strong right now. I know my bleeds are overpowered, and I can accept that eventually a nerf will come to them. Let me enlighten you on your class...

1. Right now mages have the highest burst out of any caster in the game
2. Mages now have the much needed bloodlust...
3. Mages have the most cc out of any class in the game (constant slows, DF, ROF, Sheep, CS)
4. Mages have the most survivability of any class (Blink, Iceblock, Ice barrier, evocation as a heal)

Now it is clear to anyone who enjoys high rated arena, that this is not correct. Why should one class have the most damage, survivability, and team utility, all in one specc?

@OP continued

Ferals have high bleed damage. Nerf their master % by 60%. Problem solved.

ROF, Time warp were not needed by mages in any regard.

If you actually did pvp on another class, or didnt get your rating in 5's you would know what every is actually talking about.

Ferals are OP, but we can not control as much as a mage, nor do we have more survivability than a mage. Thats what makes a mage the most OP class in the game right now. You wanna talk about mage balance, mage was most balanced in TBC. Thats when a mage took skill, not right now. And you say mages had bad rep 2k+ blah blah blah. Every pro team ran rmp, so... solid argument about a class you dont understand clearly.
---> OP = http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_rNtF7HnCzrY/TBzzHUSoSGI/AAAAAAAAACo/qiAyqN9AhCY/s1600/What+Trolls+Want+You+To+Think.png
2200 is not very good, especialy in 5's. Youre awful, I dont know why you are talking down to people.
12/14/2010 5:42 AMPosted by Shivers

Its not like Frost Mages were the corner stone of PMR... One of the most dominating comp's of season 8.

I understand you're mad about something... but standing there making loud, guttural noises is an insult to both yourself and the rest of the world.

Use your words like a big girl.
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hi OP

I got higher in 3s than you have in both S7 with ret/mage/priest and in S8 with mage/bad moonkin/cellphone internet holy paladin. does that qualify me enough to tell you you're wrong?

(yes, we can see your highest ratings from WotLK - armory has statistics!)

mages were fine in WotLK (meh damage without procs, damage as good as any other caster with procs, but amazing utility/control+survivability). mages are blatantly overpowered now, and for a lot of mages they aren't even fun anymore.

edit: also,

season 8


(rogues were so bad season 8)
Posted by Shivers

Season 5: The pinnacle of mage skill
Mages do require skill. What GOOD player that aspires to go far doesn't need a high degree of skill. Im decent, but im no 2700 player. Every class can go far if played correctly. Its 15% class, 25% composition, and 60% skill and ability management.

By personal opinion, I think ice lance needs a nerf. Thats my only complaint towards mages. This nerf doesnt mean decreasing its damage. I think making it cost enough mana to make it unspammable would suffice.

Posted by Gungho
Wasn't there a video of a guy playing a frost mage using a Steering Wheel and Pedals as his controller?

Think he's a 2200+ too. lulz.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRyual8MNtc <--- Hilarious


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