@ at below avg pvpers QQ at mages

Mages arent OP, although I do think they could use toning down to bring them in line with other dpsers. Ferals on the other hand.. Well lets hope they get fixed soon before they become the DKs of S5.
This post is now about your favorite hamburger! Red Robin has an awesome Burning Love burger!

Make your own by mixing equal parts ketchup and dijon mustard into the meat, along with some Worcestershire sauce, an egg, bread crumbs, and finely minced onions (onions are optional).

Be sure to find the right balance of bread crumbs and sauces so that your burger doesn't get too wet to hold a shape, but doesn't have enough bread crumbs that they overwhelm the other flavors.
I'm a gladiator. I played mage casually in 2s and achieved 1800+ in blues. I'm better than average. I'm better than you OP.

Mages spamming Ice Lance to victory is not skill. Tone it down.
LOL "MAGES HAVE NEVER BEEN OP IN ARENAS" get past 1k rating and then start posting your feelings lol
rogues have been the lowest played class for a while

If you want to protect mage's OPness you should stop creating such threads. You just owned yourself

LOL at your 2200 rating, I am still calling you bad. What can you do about it?
Mage opness is thanks to Mastery. Mastery increases my Shatters by 56% more dmg. That's a lot considering shatters already crit all the time.

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