Can't wait to arena again!!

Just putting it out there.. I'm super excited to be able to step into the arena again. I'm wondering if anyone else is sharing my enthusiasm..

I'm not really a hardcore PvP'er.. but months without arena has just made me miss it (:

Also, me and my mate are rolling shadow/frost for 3's and are trying to decide on what to look for the third. any suggestions?
I'm looking forward to rated battlegrounds too!! No matter what happens arenas will always have the advantage of being much simpler to organise a couple of other players rather than a raid group.
If you don't like arenas, don't post here and waste our time.

As for arenas, i'm planning on running a 5s, since i feel ret will be too much dead weight in 2s/3s.
i've been awaiting the return of arenas for a while too. i remember first hearing about arenas and getting so excited, anticipating their release. i was tired of doing battlegrounds where it was just a matter of being inside the zerg hivemind of players. you either got ganked by 5 people or at once, or were in a group of 5 people ganking one person. arenas were just as great as i'd hoped, i've always loved doing them regardless of blizzard's slow balancing (i was a shammy throughout BC). i don't see the point in playing any other MMO until they too have arenas
arena is a good way to get good at the game and practice with friends
i see threads like these and just wonder

"where are they now?..."

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