PvP Resto Spec

I'm thinking something like this. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hoZbhMZfGcGszfoho Anyone got any suggestions? Probably going to run RSham/FMage/DK or Spriest depending on who decides to log on. Thanks.
Looks pretty efficient.
I'm thinking about taking the 1 point out of Acuity and dropping it into Totemic focus, but well see what my crit is when I get there.
LOL im making the same decision

This is the spec I will be using. Reasons basically, if I am casting I don't plan to be taking damage. There will be few times that I will but with LoS at my side + snare free ghost wolf I don't plan on healing in the open while I am under fire. Secondly as of now crit is very low and having 30% extra healing on a 15% chance isn't attratice + I will be reforging to all spirit/haste.
I am going to actually get 1 more point into acuity and two points into totemic focus. Totemic focus changes the duration for manatide totem. I did not put points into the 6% less mana talents. The way I look at it, manatide will scale much better once we get more spirit. 6% less mana on spells will be, well always the same amount of mana because mana costs are not going up past 85.

I like acuity so I can get more crit procs, and more mana/healing through that route. I am going to stack spirit/crit. I really don't see a point in stacking haste, we never really did in wotlk. The only thing it could do imo is make us go oom faster.
Yeah, I feel like I'm going to be going with crit as well. I'll see how much crit helps, and switch talents if needed.
yes viable

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