My idea for Art of War

Art of war needs a change! It's a large chunk of our dps and it's completely random.

This is not something that should be left up to RNG, what i propose changing art of war back to what it originally was in WotlK the choice of either one free instant FoL or one instant cast free Exorcism this will help us in our survivability in pvp(which is pretty poor atm) and make it less of a impact if the art of war gods are not feeling kind to us.

Because we would be losing the double damage on the exorcism i would propose either Buffing Templar's verdict to do more damage or making CS and DS seperate CDs.

Thoughts? ideas?
get rid of it

add exo to the hand of light proc

we have three different procs, one needs to go
According to Blizz our mastery is getting a overhaul soon.

On the topic of mastery i heard a idea a couple days ago that i really liked that involved scrapping Hand of light and seal of command and overhauling the seal system.

perhaps replaces the SoC talent with the ability to get two charges of HP on a CS crit?


Here is my take on it
Mastery: Seals of Command: When you have a seal active you deal 15% of your weapon damage as holy each time you swing every point of mastery increases this by 2%

Seal of insight: unchanged
Seal of Justice: unchanged
Seal of the Righteous: Your TV/Crusader strike now cleaves and hits 2 additional targets
Seal of Truth: deals DoT damage

Also while i am at it scrap inquisition and change inquiry of faith to also make the target take 6% more holy damage per stack of censure amounting 6/12/18/24/30%

Be aware that i am simply pulling numbers out of my ass.
im all for seal swapping during fights

i think just making divine storm hit harder when seal of right is active and it giving combo points would be enough for now
All they need do is after they fix SoB to plug the holes in the rotation check if we are OP or UP. If OP then nerf the exo buff on AoW so it hits for less than TV. If we are UP then buff TV so it hits harder than exo.

RNG works perfectly if it is changing up a rotation. RNG is terribad if you need it just to have something to press.

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