RET AOE & divine storm

I actually do enjoy just about everything about ret right now, the rotation is very complex and has you pushing way more buttons than before. Watching for procs and keeping up buffs makes it more interesting and fun that just facerolling 4 buttons...... and ret dps single target is very comparable to any class besides maybe hunters or dks right now bc they are both horribly OP

that being said...........
bringing a ret to raid is almost a liablity right now on any boss that has adds that need to be killed, which is just about every single boss minus a few, when you destroyed divine storm you took away the only AOE a ret pali had.... you said you wanted to reduce aoe from all classes.... when i see my divine storm hitting for 2500 and critting for 5k something seems very very wrong.... then i look at a warrior aoe... cleave is still hitting for 20K on every target... .there is something horribly wrong with that picture.... its not only warriors... dks just ,LOL pestilence, LOL death and decay i have dots up on every target and am toping dps.... rogues have bladeflurry, just about top aoe from any mele...even freakin enhance shamis have better mele aoe than a ret...
trying to say that we should use holy wrath... 15 sec cd... as our aoe is a joke... trying to say we should use consecrate to aoe is a joke as well since it costs half our mana and ticks for like 500, and like i said before divine storm is a joke.... basically if they want us to be competetive at all or even be wanted for fights that REQUIRE aoe dps divine storm needs a buff... 75% or whatever it is right now is laughable... it needs to be at least 110% like it was before. reduce the number of mobs it hits or whatever it quite simply just needs to hit harder

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