Disc Priests and Issues of Arena Viability

As it stands right now, Disc Priests are severly gimped relative to the other three possible healers because of 3 issues that no other class has 2 or more of.

Lack of Dispel Protection: When mana became a huge problem, I was going to go for the heal talent that makes my heal (as efficient, same 2sec+ cast time, 1/3rd heal of Greater Heal) reduce weakened soul by 4 seconds to be able to use my PW:S, since we have a lot of ways to reduce mana cost of instant casts, as well as an entire mastery devoted exclusively to shielding that we can't fully trade in for other stats, but as soon as I do that my shield gets dispelled and I know that instead I should have cast greater heal twice, rather than heal twice - boom, I'm dead!

Note: make renew efficient for Disc Priests too please - holy has it stronger but at least make it as efficient as Greater Heal or Heal. I get that it's instant cast but it's a hot so at least make it something I would cast if I wasn't pressured by two melee.

Poor Mana Issues: We only get 30% mana regen in combat as opposed to 50% with Holy who get 20% extra with just talent points. Usually we made up for that by getting mana when our shields are somehow used up, but with the obvious animation those 10k suckers are being dispelled instantly - usually the target we're healing is focused by a dps that can offensively dispel, that's just it and they can't keep up 8-10k hits with GCDs so it's the only logical step. This leads me to think that unless I HAVE to use GCDs or I die (as in I am being focused) I won't use PW:S, I will use Greater Heal, which is better and a sure way to keep someone ELSE that's being focused - PW:S is only something that's logical to cast if I'm the one being destroyed. And comparing us to someone other than holy, as in Holy Paladin or to a lesser extent Shamans and Druids, as in those who actually show up in arena (Body and Soul was cool though, Bliz - thanks!) our mana just does not compare.

Survivability: Can't go into details here, don't know enough technicals but for some reason I *feel*, based on abstract imperical observations, that priests have issues staying alive. We have 3 instant casts: PoM - heal on dmg, 5k or so then jumps to someone else, a Shield which can be dispelled, and a HoT that is mana inefficient and ticks for up to 3k every 3 seconds or so. For casting heals we have penance, a little weak with CD but it's efficient and fast - this one I like, and Greater/Heal which are strong but have 2.25-2.5sec casting times while talented. The only time I feel I can compete is when I pop Power Infusion for the haste and even then my new Heals aren't as fast as old Flash Heals and I get instantly locked out of my school.

Blizzard, balance is out of whack, and we desperatly need some PvP only buffs - here's a few suggestions:
Some dispel protection, even if it's just on shields - forget PoM, Renew, etc, but at least make our mastery something that can't be countered with a dispel every 15sec. (Well, there are those shields from our crits but those aren't OP and can still be dispelled - not complaining but on their own DA isn't worth the Mastery Stat without an effect on PW:S that means something given the environment)
Mobility+Defense: I really like the new Inner Fire and Inner Will mechanic, one gives run speed and mana efficiency on instant casts (only PoM that I cast though...) and other gives Spell Protection and Armor, but it needs to be more. Tie the current talent to still give extra spell protection with inner fire but increase both spell and armor defenses by a certain factor if we're being focused, and extend either dispel protection or mana efficiency on normal casts for Inner Will - it's a speed increase kite mechanic for a class without snares so prolly the dispel protection with our instant cast shield would work better.

Please Blizz - I'm going to PvP as Disc anyway, but I would feel better if I could compete against Paladins and Shamans my skill level.
disc is a healer that use a shields

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