Inquisition suggestion and Paladin balancing

When the paladin reaches 3 Holy Power charges they gain Inquisition, incresasing holy damage done by 20% for 10 seconds. Inquisition is not activated again until another 3 Holy Power charges have been reached.

Retribution can still spec into it increasing the damage increase by 3>6>10%

With the decrease in damage and slight decrease in length I think this is a good way to benefit all specs of paladins without them having to waste the actual HoPo that is used for their specs signature "finishing move", with Ret gaining the deserved increased benefit. It also incourages players to aim for 3 charges for a bigger reward, and blowing your Power before it's max gains more of a penalty.

On a slightly different topic, does Blizzard still read and respond to these forums? Haven't seen any replies anywhere yet. Not that a whole lot on here is worth replying to...
single target finishers are unimpressive for AoE, which is where Inq shines
as such the current implementation works out pretty well for prot

and since holy gets more damage from it and gives up zero damage to use it, it works pretty well for holy.

I don't see how your suggestion improves either of those cases

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