Should have levelled as prot?

I am finding using ret to level is really quite difficult, I can't take more than two mobs at once and things are dying incredibly slowly. I was a holy pally all through wrath so ret isn't exactly my strong point and I don't plan to raid as it but just wondering if anyone has any tips? Or should I just level as prot?
Or should I just reforged myself a heap of +hit? my hit being 3.5%...

:P Thanks
I find that I can take 3 or 4 mobs at a time. Your gear, spec, and glyphs are fine. Do you understand the rotation? You need to know when to use wog and when to use tv. If you get low on health use your zealotry for cs,wog,cs,wog,etc as needed. If you overpull a mob it is usually better to outlast them and wait for art of war procs rather than dps them down real fast with tv. Sure in raiding it will be max dps but leveling and pvp everything will be situational. What is the appropriate rotation? It depends.......
Ok I can take 2-3 but it just takes forever...I mean i have 70k HP and a skeleton in uld will get me down to 45 no problem before it dies. Bah
The jump from damage of level 82 mobs to 83 was insane. At 83, honestly start replacing your wotlk gear with the greens/blues you get. Even if the WOTLK gear is a bit better regarding stats/crits etc, the extra stam from questing gear makes up for it. I was the same way that after ONE mob i had to use my holy light to heal myself up.

Also get used to word of glory. I fight 2-3 mobs at a time now and I use it vs TV just to stay alive and rely on my AoW procs to kill opponents quickly.

Takes awhile but we're still sustainable.
Well, I ended up leveling from 80-85 as prot, but mostly as a side effect of near-instant spawns brought on by overcrowding. I wouldn't even attempt 80-85 as ret, at least until the release and Christmas rush ends.

To be frank, I noticed I was progressing much faster than equivalently- or better-geared ret paladins by merit of my ability to have 3-6 mobs on me at a time without having to go into panic healing mode, or spending time after each pull healing up. The only time I actually became overwhelmed by mobs was in TH by a wandering pack of worgs while I was already fighting it out with an AE pull. Overall, the hardest difficulty leap for me was going from Hyjal/Vash straight to Uldum, thanks to a handful of Deepholm quests being bugged on my realm and unable to continue the quest chain. Even that was just a matter of wearing mobs down over time until I got ilvl 312 gear, then going back into steamroll mode.
After each kill, make sure you holy light yourself for about 22 k, and use wog often.

Well, if you're having to WoG frequently, you're already throwing a huge chunk of your DPS away for, quite frankly, a heal that'll barely keep your head above water in combat anyway.

Prot gear is dead easy to come by through questing, you'll run into a piece of suitable gear in one out of every four or five quests. It's definitely easier to find than gear suitable for ret.
Yeah as prot ive been pulling 5-10 mobs at a time ever since I got HOTR =/ So easy, leveled this toon from 1-83 in 6 days.
Try prot out if you think it'll be easier or if you think you'll like it more. That'll give you your answer better than what anyone else could tell you. Worse case scenario you just respec back..
I'd try Prot if I had to do it again. Ret was not fun at all, 2 mobs are doable, and more with cool downs, but just isn't fun to pull off.

I say try prot..because on the flip side, my tank dk comes out of every battle near or full health, no matter how many adds I pull, 1 or 4. I figure Prot spec is similar. A much more enjoyable experience all around..just kill a tad slower, but not a lot, which is also sort of sad for ret.

I was doing Vashjir last night and ended up with 7 of the nagas on me between adds and instant re-spawns.

ended the fight around 80% hp / 100% mana
Prot you kills stuff slower bu the only thing that will kill you if you don't know how to use your cooldown .. when need . is the elites that wanter around zone and smack you around quite nasty like .

I am the second worst player at ret in the world .. so i have played ret about 4 hours total since rolling this toon .
I leveled 80-85 as ret, and didn't have trouble. For leveling, I found it a lot easier to use Seal of Insight for the health and mana, and throw out WoG instead of using TV. As stated above, leveling isn't about killing things quickly, its about survivability and sustainability. Pull out some of the prot and holy spells, don't be afraid to throw a heal on yourself, and you should be fine staying in ret.

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