cant use my judgement spell on my pally

every time i try to cast my judgement spell it says that it is not ready yet but it is i don't know how to fix it would appreciate it greatly if i could get some help
You have a Seal on, right?
Do you have a seal active? A seal MUST be active before a Judgement can be used.
Priest's aren't supposed to judge people....WWJD and all that jive =P
Well, as loathe as I am to not opt for the smart-aleck answer, here...if you don't have a seal active and try to cast Judgement, you don't get the "not ready yet" error. You get the "cannot cast that" error.

I know there's been a UI issue or two floating around about not properly reporting GCD timing, and such. I've had it happen a time or two myself (and yes, my seal was active). You might try reloading your UI.

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