Ret Pladains:Right where we need to be.

I've looked through the forums and I've seen alot of complaints about Retribution dps. What I have to say about this is, I feel it is right where it should be gear wise. Now hear me out. We have another possibility of play lying underneath the surface, in a world where healers go oom quickly, we have the capability to provide decent healz support. How many of you have used zealotry defensively? If the healz is going through a rough spot, zealotry and WoG'ing your teammate with the lowest health seems like a valid option. If our dps isn't going to be exceptional, why not fall into the niche that blizzard wants us to be in? A dps that can help heal through the rough spots, it is the future of Ret, get over it and learn to play it or quit. And people, if a Ret pally is in a group with you and his dps isn't the greatest, maybe you should also look at Healz/sec as well and notice that fact that that ret pally helped you through that rough spot you've wiped on so many times before...
Raids don't bring DPS spots that do gimpy heals... and if they did, druids would be the better choice right now.
in my first heroic as dps (main specs tank) we got to the first boss and the healer was having problems keeping us alive so like the "support class" blizz said we are. i started to heal, we got the boss down and i got kicked out of the group because my dps was low but yet i help the healer out yay for team work!!!!
I normally just pvp, but I've done a few dungeons lately, and I can assure you that proper utilization of Holy Radiance(on cooldown when in a fight) and dropping WoG on members than need a little help health wise could truly help a raid/dungeon group making it through tough fights. Wings also improves healing by 20% so when you pop wings make sure holy radiance is ready to pop and don't combine wings w/zealotry. Using zealotry is amazing as a defensive strategy. Providing 20k healz to members of you party every time you hit CS can more than pull Ret as a back up healz and take some of the stress of your main healz. I'm not saying ret healz are op, but I have been in a situation where the healz went down and we didn't wipe because I popped zealotry and kept the tank up while still putting out some damage.
Ok Ikelleraek when i first chose my paladin i wanted to dps... I have done this very well i do not like the idea of being a proc class.. if i wanted to id play an enhancement shaman. Ret at the end of WOTLK was decent we could pull nice deeps and be viable in bgs. Arenas on the other hand werea completely different story.. if you did pvp you would know this. We were in a rough spot, some of the changes implemented would have leveled us out completely but holy power imo has completely ruined the ret paladin pvp experience. Not to mention we cant hit anything for jack where all of the other melee classes can straight up roflpwn you very very quickly. Its sad exorcism is our hardest hitting abililty .. when did we turn into casters? But to end this rant i hate the new paladin system it blows but ill continue to play my pally because i have to much in her to just stop. Thanks blizz for ruining the ret experience wtb another complete revamp of paladins.
OP there has never been a roll in WoW for an DPS/healer, or DPS/tank. You are locked into a roll at the start of the fight. And if a healer is going OOM then rather than have you heal the raid would be better served by replacing you with someone who will do their job and get the fight over with more quickly so the boss is dead before the healer is OOM.
The problem with your post is that it defeats the purpose of this thread. The purpose of this thread is to get people to realize ret has more options than just straight damage. BTW before is witched my gear over to the pvp set, the pve set i was using was allowing me to generate around 10k dps. So i have a feeling that the ppl qq'ing about having horrid dps, just don't play their class to full effect.
OOM is now a state that every healer lives close to. Dropping healz on the group should be an option not something that is mandatory, but if you see a healz struggling and you're not even halfway through the fight and your dps has been good, why not slack the dps a bit and compensate for your healer having a hard time? That is the point, the possibility is there, zealotry/WoG can and has(at least for me) brought my team from a near wipe to a victory. The fact that we can do this is why our standard dps isn't uber-powered.
I find these posts as helpful as the posts about people disliking the new holy power mechanics.

btw, I'd love to see where Blizzard has stated we're a 'support' class in any area post wotlk.
Or maybe the priest (or whomever) should learn to not just spam Flash Heal.

EDIT: For some reason every time I try to quote someone I get a server error and it won't post.
I find it amusing how, for an instant, you would think that a class with the majority of its class abilities being of a protective/healing nature would not be a support class, you have fooled yourself sir, reroll.
I, for one, am NOT okay with playing as a type of mage/rogue abomination.
Use of Radiance and emergency omg the tank is about to die Lay on Hands is about it. The way the world works is that dungeons and raids still look at how much dps you're putting out. Not how much healing you're helping out with.

As far as our dps is concerned, we're right up there with other classes in any fight that does not have an AoE component.

If a fight is at a point where the ret paladin needs to help out with healing to win, there's a good chance something is wrong/someone is bad/someone is standing in something.
I thank you for a post regarding the nature of this thread Laxus, however I think you would be surprised at how different its going to be come raid content. If heroics are this hard for healz its going to much worse in the near future for them. There may come a day soon when if you're not helping out with healz and you have the power to, you may get bumped rather than just looking at your dps. Why get a 3rd healer for some of those fights where a third could be used to great effect, get a Paladin that knows how drop a heal here and there.
Yep, can't tell you how useful Holy Radiance is when AoE damage comes into effect, specially since we have "infinite mana". Saved my group through many encounters.
How is a Ret pally supposed to be expected to heal? Other than Lay on Hands our heals heal for practically nothing. And unless we use WoG (which heals for nothing) we'll be out of mana in like two spells.
I've done quite a few of the raids and yes, the fights are crazy for healers. But the raid leader wouldn't say "Laxus omg start healing me" It's "Hey, I'm about to die LoH LoH LoH." And healers will tell you that Radiance during periods of high raid damage is extremely helpful.

If you stop to heal for an extended period of time, and there is a subsequent drop in your dps, you will get replaced with a class that will out-dps you. They won't sing your praises for a well placed heal, or heals. They'll look at you down there on the list and /kick.

I completely forgot I even had Radiance =P That might work well with Divine Guardian. I'll have to try it.
Yeah, that is why I pvp, everyone is in a great mood when healz start getting dropped. Zealotry/WoG ftw.

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