PvP druid healing

So I'm up for a challenge any time. However just finishing a few runs of normal instances I have a few concerns.

1) when healing in pvp the only effective heals, such as regrowth for speed and healing touch for bigger heals are going to be relatively horrid in PvP. Besides the obvious, that they are super expensive, everyone and their grandmother has an interrupt/counter spell. Tell me in 3v3 arena when 2ppl are focused on you when on when will you get a 2.5 second cast off.

2) nourish: is this a joke? Same cast time as ht? With almost no reason in PvP to use it? This heal can barely heal through trash mobs in a regular instance. What about on a mage who will be criting you for what atleast 30k?

3) life bloom: our only cost effective hot, is only usable on one Target, unless you POP a 3 min cooldown. Need I say more?

4) which brings me to my next point, tree of life: really making it a cooldown? Isn't part of the reason we roll druids to have the versatility of shapeshift? not to mention now we will be relatively weak vs any physical dmg now with our armor bonus being on a 3 min cooldown. Rework the mechanics asap please for the sake of us lasting more than 10 seconds vs any melee class. Because as we keep the same amount of versatility and ability to escape you keep giving more and more classes abilities to escape cc, interrupt, And close the gap between us and them.

Now I'm totally all about the new challenge in PvE. And from someone who has played since vanilla, I can honestly say I'm having fun PvEing. It's actually a challenge, going to have to do healing rotations again, seems exciting. But PvP healing is just not effective now. one way that this change seems to effect PvP positively is no more super long arena matches. And I'm ok with going out of mana if you dont facilitate your heals. But in PvP its hard to keep ppl up while paying attention to healing rotation like it is in PvE.

Some of the things I would like to see for PvP healing is, faster heals, that are actually effective. Life bloom on multiple targets again. And tree of life restored to a normal shift, not a cooldown. It's possible to have faster heals and still have to pay attention to what spells you should be casting due to cost, but with the burst and dps output like it is atm, healing needs to be looked at. On all fronts, I'm sure other healers have the same complaints.

I'm surprised more people haven't commented on that.

I'm very concerned about Resto druids in arenas because they will not have much of an armor bonus.

I guess Blizzard wanted fights to be really quick...
The armor bonus is one of my major concerns. Physical dmg is going to thrash us. Shaman have mail and earth shield. Pallys have plate bubble and cooldowns. Priests have lots of dmg mitigation. We have weak and expensive HoTs atm with travel form. No armor is going to hurt the most I think.
Ha our magic dispelled which is super expensive you mean? Now I realize that healers re always weak in new expansions, and we scale as gear comes but this is by far the worst. Are other master having similar problems going oom atleast?
Druids were very hard to counter in WotLK, I remember reading that Blizzard was wanting to fix that long ago. That is probably why you wont be able to heal very well with only instant casts now.
About the other changes, like armor value, I'm pretty sure Blizz will fix it if it's too weak compared to the other healers.
It's something I'm concerned about as well. I can barely keep up in PVE as it is while I'm STATIONARY. Now I have to move, avoid CC and interrupts, all while casting healing touch(our only healing spell that heals for a decent chunk).
I don't think Blizzard put much thought at all into how their changes to healing will affect pvp.
So far I've only done 2v2 (won 5 out of 7 so far) and it's working out well, running with a lock. Trying 3v3 with a priest and a warlock later though so I'm interested in how it'll be to heal 3 people instead of just 2.

I primarily heal with lifebloom and rejuv and wild growth when I can. As you said any others are pretty much useless since we can get stunned. I've been using travel form a lot to get away from melee + nature's grasp. Considering how OP resto druids were in pvp it's a nice challenge (but some spells are of course useless) :P I'm doing the same as I did last season, just trying to conserve mana more and stun in kitty as much as possible. I have little to no resilience so once I get some I'm interested to see how much it'll actually affect, if any.
well nice to know 2v2 is decent. however 3v3 is where the real competition is, and where the real rewards lay. I feel healing through 2 dps will be very difficult. Also having 2 ppl to interrupt you or cs you constantly will make it even harder considering you'll need to burn cooldowns and very expensive heals just to catch up. please share your results with me on 3s I'm interested in knowing how it goes.

On a bonus note. I feel ppl knowing healers will go oom faster may make them focus dps more. Which may be a blessing in disguise, allowing us more time to drink and cc ourselves. Also peel and cc will be crucial in conserving mana.
PVP HEALING IS BROKEN! the 2.5 second casts are stupid! too easily interupted! i can go OOM on my priest spaming flash heals on a tank back to full ! spells should still cost a butt load.. but they need to be effective!! as a disc priest my shield absorbs 10k damage!! ppl are criting for 30k! 2 rogues will own 3v3 all day// 3s and 5s are useless to even try and heal in... and healing is only OK in bgs! When Blizzard first release the talent points spells cost alot but they were effective.. i see lvl 80 healers dueling a few 85s and they do a fantastiv job staying up.. yea they have resil w/e but their spells are effective.. what good is pennence healing for 15k when ppl have 100k+ HP... its stupid healers are only needed for PVE now.. thanx for killing healers blizzard.. FIX IT FFS! its a joke!! REDUCE MANA COST BY A %!!* TON OR BUFF HEALING PERIOD!! the only effective healers are pallies and duids and shammies thanx to their instant hots! a priest is casting 1.5-30 second cast times like the whole time.. renew and prayer of mending dont help anymore.. not to mention once you get that 2.5 second cast off it hits for 7k.. and your getting constantly hit for over 10k.. healing is broke.. for every class.. id rather see it how it use to be then this.. it was a good thought but you guys pretty much crashed healing into the ground... as a clothy a priest should be the best *@#*in healer in the game, should have the most potent healing spells.. no more duid tree form.. wtf! i dont even play a druid and hate that! IDK anything about the other healers.. but healing is broke :( I wont be playing unless its fixed
O yea AND @#*#in strand of the ancients is bugged.. if your on Offense first.. its automatic win.. demos are bugged 2nd round and are at 10% by the time u show up to the shore.. so good job.. im glad my 15$ a month for 2 years is being put to good use :) not to mention the money from sever Xfers ect..
Will share how 3's go :) Hoping to do 3v3 in another hour or so, maybe even 5v5.

Yeah, even in 2s dps seem to focus on the lock more than me. I've gone oom but it's not a big deal with innervate and spirit.
you're all forgetting something really important.
As a druid u can pray to the nature Gods. They will spawn in the middle of the arena match and do a miracle.

I'm sure Blizzard put that spell somewhere, couldn't find yet. Keep praying, the other spells are BS right now.
Posted by Bloodycow
you're all forgetting something really important.

As a druid u can pray to the nature Gods. They will spawn in the middle of the arena match and do a miracle.

I'm sure Blizzard put that spell somewhere, couldn't find yet. Keep praying, the other spells are BS right now.

I found the spell earlier.

It's awesome.
I lol'ed!
Its terrible at the moment.
I cant use hots anymore as i oom so quick.
I cast healing touch it barely makes the health pool rise.
People are doing more damage than what i can heal.
That amongst all the stuns/silences/fears etc makes me pretty worthless.

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