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I am a Shadow Priest looking for a alliance raiding guild filled with skilled high level players. I know how to play my class and I have a lot of raid awareness. I have a non static mic with Ventrillo installed. I can help provide your guild with Dps and most of all progression. I am looking forward to downing a lot of hard content in Cataclysm so if I fit your guilds description, please contact me! However, I live in a EST timezone so I am 3 hours ahead of everyone else on the server. I would appreciate a guild very much that raids early on in the day. :D Thanks
To contact me you can either
Contact me in game with a pm
Email me at
Or post a reply to this thread
:D Thanks
Why would any "good" guild do the work for you? It's called an app might wanna try filling one out =)
No I don't smoke weed all day....And why wouldn't I give contact info? Signing out a app is what the whole point of this thread is ....Please gtfo trolls
Pyxis Nautica is currently recruiting raiders for Cataclysm raiding. Our estimated Back to Raiding date is Jan. 18th, however, we're on track to get some people together next reset before the holidays.

Our raid/activity times are 4-7pm PST (7-10 EST your indicated preference) Sun-Wed evenings. We are currently working on gearing people in Heroics and going back through old content for Guild Achievements. We are currently at level 4 and it looks like we'll hit level 5 sometime today.

Applicants should read all of the information in our "Join Us!" forum before applying. We're only interested in those who possess as many social skills as raiding skills, so keep that in mind when filling out the application.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

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