Shield of the Righteous Quick Question

With the changes to how this spell works, using Holy power instead of mana, should I be using it when it is up in my tanking rotation or should I be waiting until I have a full set of holy power charges to use it?
Ah, the rotation is CrS(HotR)>filler>CrS(HotR)>filler>CrS(HotR)>ShoR

Filler: Judgement, Avengers shield, consecrate, Holy wrath, miscellaneous other spells like hammer or w/e.

It does not "come up" in your tanking rotation until 3 HP. On the other hand if you use it with less than 3 it isnt a huge deal.
2+ hp stacks or its a waste ...9/10 times 3hp stacks
You should almost always wait until 3 stacks to SotR. The only exception I can think of is if you MUST HAVE TEH THREATZ NOW because some noob broke cc and taunt is on cd but you need more threat than a Judgement or CS can provide (but this is pretty rare).

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