Mastery proc vs Zealotry?

Kk i think i have noticed this a while, but i Haven't tried this out on a DPS dummy or anything, But when i get my mastery proc, And i use Zealotry, my proc is now gone? Now i thought they changed it so that Zealotry only required you to have 3 holy power, and it doesn't take that 3 holy power away from you. So i'm losing my mastery proc, or i'm losing my mind :)

Also, When i get a mastery proc my Divine storm still flashes as if it was effected by mastery, but its been changed so it shares CD with CS, unless i am mistaken?

-- Somebody salvage my sanity >.> i don't know if its true, or i'm crazy.
You are correct, it is not a good idea to hit Zealotry during a Mastery proc you should Inc. sub 5 secs left or simply TV then hit Zealotry.

Also, I too am annoyed with DS glowing even after they removed it from Holy Power. I am hopeful it will get fixed first patch or some nice mod maker will make a small mod to make DS not glow :)
what i think i've noticed, is hand of light procs give you 3 free holy power, so using it for zealotry is like using those 3 free ones, leaving you with as many as you had before the proc. while zeal doesn't use your available holy power anymore, i think it fair enough it would use up your procs. after all, you aren't really using holy power, you are using a hand of light proc. so i personally try like mad never to use my hand of light for zeal, preferring inquisition, or the freebie TV. this creates a nice situation where occasionally, you will have three holy power already built, and before spending them, you get a HoL proc, hit inquisition, hit zeal, hit Templar's verdict, all with the one proc, and off and running.
Well the thing is, i just read in the 14th dec hotfix that Zealotry doesn't consume the proc. so HAH. i wasnt crazy. it was a bug

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