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Hello Paladin community. I was interested in playing and leveling a holy paladin from level 1. I was wondering how leveling is as a holy paladin? Is gear hard to come by? Any tips or advice would be much apreciated. Thank you :)
Leveling as holy from level 1 will be hard given you don't start with exorcism.

I leveled a Tauren pally pre-cata and found holy started to take off about level 40ish. Exorcism is expensive, at a bare minimum you will need Exorcism which comes at level 18 and the Denounce talents which push it to level 31. At 41 you will also have enlightened judgements and will not be able to hit a bit better if you have some caster gear.

I have spent a fair bit of each level trying holy in cata. It works fine in L81-82 content but struggles against L83 content and it hits a brick wall with L84+ content largely because the increase in mob health. Mobs go from 30k, 40k, 50k, 70k, 90k while exorcism's damage barely changes from the different item level jumps. You basically have to cast way too many exorcisms on higher level mobs.

Scaling has always been a problem for casters, it is a huge issue for Holy.
Yeah, see, I haven't broken out of my old Holy spec to put points into Exorcism because I am stubborn. Really wishing I had done that now, as it would have made the Cata grind go quicker.
Yea i'm a holy paladin. and i absolutely love it.
Thanks for the responses guys :). Can anyone tell me how it is gear wise? I know healers would take gear that helps w/ healing stats(like cloth for example). Do you still do that as a plate healer? Is there plate gear w/ healing stats on it as you level? I know you probably wouldnt quest as fast as a dps(killing mob wise), but can you still kill mobs pretty good?
It isn't bad from 80-83 so far IMO - it's justing finding what combination works for you.

I have 2 holy specs right now, which makes it easier between solo and dungeon grinding.

1 - Holy Damage Dealing
2 - Holy Dungeon Healing

Note: My primary is empty right now, because I was testing Ret last night and never bothered to reallocate my talents. Retribution is god-awful to say the least, but that's another show. :)

For leveling, I'd suggest using a talent calculator to pick up every talent in holy that increases damage and holy power generation. I also have an easy single target macro setup, because we really only push 3-4 buttons as Holy anyway:

My rotation is as follows: (Castsequence Macro)

Judgement, Holy Shock, Exorcism, Inquisition, Exorcism Exorcism (mob should be near death by now - either repeat or execute flying hammer o' Doom!)
- Tailor it to your needs :)
- If you off because of timing, use CS as a filler.
- You'll want the Macro to reset after combat.
Ive found leveling with any paladin is supremely easy. You can take more pve critters for long periods of time because you can use your skills properly to mana regen, heal, and continue your pace with potions, lay on hands, really your timing your cooldowns. If you have allies, being a support healer and being able to attack is brutal, simply back off and heal like crazy if it gets tough.

But overall holy should be a touch easier to level with. Your healing is top notch you have alot of mana, and if you dont overextend yourself you can take on creatures at a much higher level than you, more so than other classes. It just requires patience to not expect massive amounts of damage or killing them ultra quick. I find it to be an endurance class, where you can take three on one, but continue to take more if they pop up or filter in, you can adapt to the unexpected.

As for stat equipment, all equipment is reforgable, but also all greens at least had stats designed and focused on all different stat combos.

Your blues and dungeon gear is harder to come by, but any blue armor made for a paladin, or later on in the 35-40 range made for some shaman have the int stats and spell power bonuses your looking for. and now with more focus on healadins you find even more specifically designed gear being added.

SO, i would rate your chances of survival solo much higher than most other classes out there.

I found in the past your Shield Paladin would have the most difficulty until they got that avengers shield so early on, and your ret paladin would have the most ease because they did damage of a fighter or a weaker rogue so they could kill just as fast as your heavy dpser and still heal themselves relativly quickly giving them that endurance factor i spoke of your average warrior or rogue will not have.

the end.
Dual spec is available at 30, and only costs 10g.

After some getting used to, Ret is pretty damn easy to level. Holy is just as easy, but your damage is greatly sacrificed to improve your self healing, so here's how I would see it:

Holy Shock + Crusader Strike to cause damage and filly holy power, then use Word of Glory to heal. Once you get Exorcism AND Concentration Aura, you get a good damage spell and shouldn't have to worry about too much push back. Leveling is mostly focused on survival through healing to outlast the mob.

Much less self healing, which means you'll have to down mobs faster. Use 3 holy power to use Templar's Verdict (no less), or use your charges for in-battle self-healing. You should go ahead and sink talent points into Crusade, which will increase your damage AND give you a strong, after-battle heal. Leveling comes down to watching your health and getting the kill so you can recover.

I'll be honest, I didn't really like Retribution after 4.0.1, but after some getting used to, it makes leveling a lot easier than in Holy. As I mentioned, dual spec is very friendly now, so you should be able to get a soloing/healing spec before the leveling becomes really time consuming.

You might also consider using more spell power in a Ret spec. This would allow you to chose gear that can be used both for healing and DPS, limiting the number of pieces you will need to carry. I also feel live I've seen more Holy-acceptable gear drop in vanilla dungeons that I did when I leveled as my paladin (I'm leveling a priest and mage now).
Leveling as Holy from 10 works just fine, and doesn't require you to carry around two sets of gear for your dual-spec.
Holy was the fastest overall of all three specs FOR ME, with ICC 251 to a few 277 heroics making up most of those gear sets until they got replaced.

Prot pulled ahead with group of 3+ mobs. Ret took too much healing with more than one mob ESPECIALLY in Uldum and Twilight. I couldn't believe the damage Ret was taking in full plate gear with some of the mobs in Twilight. Holy was able to deal with both, and was extremely quick with chaining single mobs and using your HP for Inq. Holy was also the only spec that, I felt, consistently performed in PvP which on a ~4:1, Alliance:Horde ratio [PvP] server is important.

HS > Judge > Exor > Exor > Exor > Inq/Wog > Repeat
Make sure you have Blessed life and eventually Pursuit of Justice so you get the extra two HPs.

Don't spec holy until outlands where quests start rewarding some plate with Int/SP on it.

However... your results may vary and you should level what you enjoy playing for a few hours the most.
Love lvling as Holy Paladin. Had a great trip

Survivability is great, most of the time I can survive through from gankers. My hp usually 90% +. I usually get instant queue for dungeons, mostly my guild mates had to wait at least 15mins to 30s.

I have dual talent as holy, one for holy dps (aka shockadin :P) and the other for dungeon healing.
as a general rule, 1-40 will be cloth and leather int gear. 40-60 will be shammy gear, 60+ is when u start gettin plate healing gear most notibly the Burning Crusade boss drops

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