Divine Purpose

Many of us have been griping at our dependence on RNG. In my opinion, it seems that the main culprit is the talent Divine Purpose.

What if it worked like this:

Using two of the following attacks within 6 seconds of each other gives a 100% chance to generate 1 Holy Power.

- Judgement
- Exorcism
- Templar's Verdict
- Divine Storm
- Inquisition
- Holy Wrath
- Hammer of Wrath

This remove the largest bulk of our RNG, while still requiring Rets to keep track of something, thus helping to divide the good from the bad. It would also give pallies an actual rotation, at least at the start of the fight.

There is still quite a bit of RNG left in Art of War and Hand of Light, because, apparently, that's the direction Blizzard wants to take us.


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