Ret Pally Fix

Now by now we all know that, quite simply put, Ret Pallys suck at PvP.
Granted, this took hours of thinking, however I've finally got it, Blizzard. Rather than using this ridiculously stupid proc system they seem to have put into place, change the system!
With these simple changes pallys would be back on the board.
1.)Make exorcism instant, make it require no proc, and cut its damage down.
2.)Templars Verdict, make it be able to cast its maximum damage without having to build up holy points, and put a 6-10 second cooldown on it instead.
3.)Consecration, Put it back to normal, whats with the nerf on that spell anyway?
4.) For the love of god, either take CS off of the same cooldown as Divine Storm or just remove Divine Storm altogether.
5.)Slightly increase Crusader Strike and Judgement damage.
This would give pallys their burst back and we could do well in PvP again!

Anyone agree?
I've got a better idea! Get rid of Holy Power all together! It's a stupid, clumsy, clunky system that some wet-behind-the-ears developer that probably doesn't play the game came up with during a MaryJane high on his lunch hour!
We may need a fix but that is not it
I hate F'ing standing there with DS, CS, Judgment on Cooldown like some dbag....esp while some alliance is pluggin away on buttons to destroy me!@!

I have many classes and never feel like Im waiting like I do on my pally...and no other class depended this much on PROCS...without them I just wait for the three main boring spells...two of which are on the same CD
This fix is most definitely the burst we need!

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