Best 2v2 arena class combos

me and my friend want to make a 2v2 arena team but we have no idea what class/role we should be. Im going for a dps.

Please give me suggetions

The comp will only get you so far--
As DPS, what would you prefer to play? What class are you best at?
I would choose a mage for you since you want a good dps. As for your friend I would suggest any healer that can also be a good dps(shammy,druid,pally...not a priest). From then on its just about skill. I think feral/mage would be good and resto druid/mage would work out also.
Mage rogue
Pally war
Pally warlock
Mage lock
Enhance sham BM hunter
Well, currently it's just me and my friend.
When hit 85, it will be a Protection Paladin - Survival Hunter comp.
We chose this comp for reasons such as:
If one of us were to go down first, the other has either excellent kiting(surv) or outlasting(prot) capabilities.
This comp would also come out as Mediocre Burst, seeing as how I'm not in a DPS spec.

If we were to face a a team of let's say.. an arms warrior and a resto druid, over Mumble I'd say alright, gonna silence the druid and keep a lockdown on him, and at the same time, when I get in range of the arms warrior apply some pressure to him with one of my abilities. He on the other hand will try to kite the warrior and burst him down. Whenever we face a healer/DPS comp, I just throw a silence at the healer and we try to burst down the DPS as fast as possible. Most of the population's logic would be to bring down the healer first cause well...they heal. Our logic is that if we brought down the damage dealer first, the healer will have minimal damage output which I can easily heal myself. After bringing down the DPS, I'll just reapply a silence and we burst down the healer.

A paladin brings many buffs to the table as well, which helps.

The source of this logic was from last season, when we got bored he ran as Markamanship and I ran as Protection on my warrior. We got to 900 rating in PvE gear after about 3 days, and the season ended, sadly. Now we're gonna be serious about PvP with the guild and ourselves this expansion.

Sorry for grammarfails, finals sleep sucks.
Surprised no one has said this yet but I think feral rogue will be quite strong if played well.
with feral's bleeds ticking for a fair bit, the 10% extra crit between the two, while getting extra cps due to Honor Among Thieves (which will come from the feral bleeds), plus 60% extra dmg each from bleeds due to hemo + mangle...Now that rogues have recup, (mixed with Quickening is deadly) ferals have better stealth this team could easily burst down someone very quickly, (ambush, 5pt evis, shadowdanced, berserk feral, pounce, rake, mangle, 5pt rip) while their partner is sapped/blinded/cyclone...
Would definitely apply a lot of "OH!#%@" pressure at least, maybe causing them to blow trinket on a sap, or do something else stupid for fear of their life :)
On another note, can you imagine feral/rogue/warr's bleeds :P
Prot pally + anything that can slow opponents and kite LOL
What would be good for an ele shaman? in any sized team?
I'm thinking about trying out 2's with a spriest. Dark Intent will be ticking 3 stacks almost instantly for both of us. May be complete fail but it's worth a shot.
If you're picking classes based on which one of you will die first, you've already failed with a losing mindset.
try feral+hpal
If you can beat the nerfbat:

Feral DK!
Feral mage!
Feral rogue!
Feral Ret!
Feral can has do 60k damage in one gcd!
hemo and mangle doesn't stack, nor does the 5% crit buff. (unless they have changed it recently)
Any thoughts on frost/Hpaly??
sry i mean frost DK/ Holy Pal

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