Retribution Paladins: Concept?

One thing has been confusing me for a while: What is the concept of retribution paladins? Here are my two theories (feel free to tell me wrong.....)

First, they are a heavy (hard hitting, slow attack speed) class that use a mace.

Second, they are like zealots (from SC2), who charge at their opponent, attacking quick and fiercely.

I know that these definitions are vague, but its hard to put concepts into words.....

Feel free to tell me your opinions.....

We are the Light Bringers. We are Warriors of the Light. We hit hard. but do ##!@ty dps

Wow, your conceptual theories are pretty shallow.
There not as bad as they were during BC. Thats just silly. No class was or will ever be as bad as a RetPally was during BC.

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