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Hi everyone. I thought it would be a good idea for us to post our recount summary's for everyone to see what spells we are using and how often we use them. That we can have a discussion as to what each other is using to help improve all of our healing.
I generally spam Holy light on my beacon and Holy shock on anyone else who's taking damage. Word of Glory for spot healing and Light of Dawn for AoE. I generally pop Avenging wrath and Divine Favor before things get to rough, and i try not to use Guardian or FoL/DL unless i really really need to. Besides that radiance is situational, and cleanse only on the important things.

Hand of Sacrifice is good for heavy damage on the tank, annnnd of course the last things i use to get that little extra are Blessing of Protection and Lay on Hands.
This is for the Holy Pally that heals the tank but also raid heals to the best of their ability too, NOT a spec for a lazy "tank-healer".(LOLwhat)

Look at my spec. It's the only correct one. You don't need Paragon of Virtue as those are more for PvP and if you really need them that much that you will spec for a shorter cooldown, you will probably die during the cooldown.

Why the points into judgment-enhancing spells? It's safe to be 40 yards away and be able to use it than 10 or 20 and it's our main way of restoring mana.

Prime Glyphs are:

Holy Shock
Seal of Insight
Word of Glory

Major Glyphs are:

Light of Dawn
Beacon of Light

Why glyph of Beacon of Light?
With Beacon of Light costing no mana at all thanks to this glyph, you can freely cast it on other raid members to make yourself a quicker and more efficient raid healer.

Of course if you are one of the lazy Holy Paladins that just do their "self-defined" job of tank healing, then this glyph is useless. :(

Most of the time you will never use Word of Glory to heal your tank, at least not at this point in the game. It doesn't save him when he's at 50% or less, just isn't strong enough. Maybe at higher gear levels? =\

Just position yourself so that your Light of Dawn is capable of healing as many targets as possible which then reflects onto your Beacon of Light when you blast that @***.

Never forget to use your judgement, over time it restores a lot of mana and only has an 8 second cooldown.

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