Ret help mastery and?

So I switched to Ret from prot for cata and I'm gonna stack mastery and I'm trying to figure out what to build with it. Crit haste or hit. Im not 100%sure what would be best for the combo. Gonna be Pve mostly. Suggestions?
We get tons of mastery on our gear. Until they fix our mastery, you to reforge out of it.

So, spec out of mastery into hit/expertise until capped, then into haste.
not sure why you want to reforge OUT of mastery. Hand of Light = free TV's = free inquisition. Basically, it lets you keep using your max damage abilities more often. As always, you want to be hit capped at 8%, expertise capped at 27, from there, stack haste -- mastery --- crit. Haste, being prioritized because A: reduces your CS cooldown, and B: makes you swing faster for more Art of War and Hand of Light proc's. However, with the current level of gear available at 85, its a little painful having CS at nearly a 4 second cd...up from nearly a 3 second CD at 80, silly stat scaling.... So will there be a noticable difference in dps between tossing the 3 around? Not really at this point. At least until your in full 359's.
You want to reforge out of mastery becaue it is our worst stat by far. A point of mastery is worth about 1/4 a point of haste for your dps.

Yes, it sounds good. Until you run the (admittedly complicated) math. Then you see why it is, in the words of Redcape at EJ, "the suck."
Thanks for the input guys. I'm figuring it out aha

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