Reckoning - Possible solution for Ret?


First let me state that I am not a Retribution Paladin, although I use it as an Offspec. But I care about the class I play and would rather give constructive feedback rather than blatant whining on the forums.

One possible solution I thought might increase both Ret's DPS as well as Prot's threat generation (although I don't feel Protection has any problems at the moment) is to swap Judgements of the Just to Tier 4 and move Reckoning up to Tier 2 in our Talent Tree, whilst changing the mechanic of Reckoning to proc off of both Block and Melee hits.

Of course this means Reckoning would most likely be up constantly for Protection Paladins and only sometimes for Retribution Paladins, since they cannot block. This will also increase Retribution's Hand of Light Mastery mechanic.

Let me know what you think, but please keep the feedback constructive.

Thank you.

PS; Please fix Holy Wrath to not break CC and not hit critters.
I like it. Though I feel our DPS is too reliant on procs already. I'd like to see them give us a 10% damage buff across all abilities. Except maybe Judgement, which obviously needs more than that. Maybe a 100% buff for that turd of a spell.

But back to your idea. I would be happy if they did that. Anything would help.
I agree with Nuked. I already feel like a casino when I'm playing my ret OS to level with. Feels back to the old SoCom days in TBC when I last played Ret.

But I would like some way to make DPS a little more consistent.
I mean i agree with the fact that judgement needs to be upped but in pvp our seal of truth damage is freakin BROKEN. Pretty much all of our seals are broken, If blizz reads this please fix, when it hits it hits for about 300-600 and when it crits only about 2k, against people with 100k+ health. Thats with no resil too come on. and thats my soapbox of the day.
To make reckoning more consistant, it might actually be better to make it a 100% chance when using Judgement, this would work for both Retribution and Protection Paladins.
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