is it SoT and DV or SoR and CS?


for heroics (inorite, NUB!)

ive been trying Seal of Right and Divine Storm, Seal of Troof and Divine Storm, Seal of Right and Crusader Strike

so far, Seal of Right and Cs arent the clear winners but at least im getting combo points

any thoughts and pointers other than i need more hit less mastery, but thanks for the reminder
...First of all, I have no idea what you're asking. I'm no grammar @*@#, but that didn't sound like English either.

Second, if you mean which seals and abilities to use, generally if it's less than 4 mobs, CS, but 5 mobs+ use Divine Storm. Use Righteousness if you're not afraid of breaking CC, but for the most part, seems like I get more dps doing a single target rotation with CS and Truth, not to mention the added relief that I'm not accidentally hitting something I shouldn't.
Boss fight= Truth + Crusader Strike
<4 Mobs = Righteousness + Crusader Strike
5+ Mobs = Righteousness + Divine Storm

And why would you even ask this question its so obvious haha. But i cant say im suprised based on how you type... i hope that isent how you talk because public schools have obviously failed you.
Being lazy and being smart.

Two way differant things =S

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