Ret paladin pvp

Alright I know that this is extremely early in the expansion and the new season isent even out yet, but is it just me or is ret once again going to suck in pvp?

Now i am not qqing in anyway because if ret does suck in pvp again ill just as easy go holy. Problem solved.

But seriously now that rets have their HoF not getting rid of stuns anymore and without the mechanic of a slow rets just seem to be played with by casters and now in order to do any damage you have to have inquiestion proced, wings poped, and have them in melee range. Which seems quite frustrating to me. And although we have a new intterupt I barely get to use it at all because of the amount of control everyone have on me.

Again if this is just me then w/e i would just like to hear some logic and not just trolling.
Ret lacks survivability and requires a ramp up to deal decent damage in addition to being extremely kiteable, i wouldn't expect to do well in any competitive pvp until ret gets some of its issues ironed out.
Alright well im glad its not just me and i get some real logic instead of trolls =D
Eh healing isent broken so ill just keep throwing out some green numbers until its safe to go back to yellow and white...
Yea.. I'm going prot for pvp until ret is better. Ghostcrawler makes me sad panda.
I swear when servers are back up if i go against any rets im going to laugh my a** off lol
I'm not having too much trouble with casters, with HoF, repentance, HoJ. But relying on 2 procs for big damage is terribly unreliable. No one comparably geared to me is going to die to a HoW or two. So I need procs. Sometimes I get them. Sometimes I stay alive a long time and die still waiting for some serious DPS.
I have to agree. THis time around Ret paladins got screwed all the way around. pve and especially pvp. I might have to consider going Protect as well for pvp. Frustrates me. My first toon I made 3 years ago was my paladin and I loved ret. Holy pwr has not beena good idea at all. and it sucks to have to wait on procs.
My paladin is hurting. Yeah this has been the wrose changes for ret paladins I have seen in my 3 years of playing. If it was not broke then why mess with them. I hate to say it but yeah. I may have to go prot for pvp.

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