How can I install the game from the disks?

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My internet data is currently capped so downloading will take forever if it even happens at all, can anyone assist me in getting the game to install from the discs?

Got 4 of them... would be nice to use them :/
Even if you installed from the discs you would still need to download around another 4Gb of data.

Had the same problem 12 months ago with a capped download. Fix now as I increased it to 50Gb per month.

What I have done in the past is to get a copy from a friend of their WOW data. I use a WD passport external drive. The WOW data in total is just over 30Gb.
Game has changed so much since disc days that it will be easier and probably faster to dowload the game (you probably have to download the same amount even if you install from discs) or use external transfer method from friends installed game to get the files

Unless you have draenor Dvd's or pandaria dvd's

But the amount of download you have to do other wise with pandaria i think i did read it was something like 5gigs and for others debending 10-20 gigs

(full game download is something like 26gigs)
The only disks that will work are WOD the others will save no data.
4gb beats 6.5 :/

I have discs back from WOTLK but the only one that worked (installed from disc) later in WoW expansions is cataclysm :/ which is 28gb or so download from there :/ (which is why im capped XD)

I glanced at your account and I see that you have logged in since we released patch 6.0.2. Do you have the game installed still?

Please note that the 6.0.2 upgrade patch included all the data for Warlords of Draenor. If you have the game installed already, then you do not need to use the DvDs included in the game. Just upgrade your account with the key, login and then play.

If you don't have the game installed, then I would absolutely recommend using the installer DvDs you got from the Warlords box. It will install the launcher and use both the website and the disks to install data. But the data pulled from the website will be only the latest patches. If you have any disks older than Warlords I'd recommend never using them again. Those are all obsolete.

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I have played the pre expansion patch and all, after re-installing from cataclysm :/ thats about it, as for WoD officially I havent been on yet
I still have that much downloaded anyways

should I just wait it out and download the rest when I can? Im sure I can survive on Heroes and SCII for 16 days XD
Or just uninstall then reinstall with the WoD dvd's?
Im thinking I will just wait it out :) the soundtrack and bonus dvd will keep me sane ^_^

I see. If you reinstalled the game from the Cataclysm disks then yes, you should uninstall everything and use the Disks in the Warlords box.

I recommend you never use an old expansion to install the game files. They are obsolete as soon as the newest expansion is out and will just waste time if you try and use them.

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Okies thank you :)
What should I do if once I uninstall the game and then I'm prompted to download again?

Would hate to download the whole game XD

but thank you for taking time to help me :) FOR THE HORDE! <3

If you run the installer from the Warlords of Draenor disk it will still pull up the game launcher and look like it's download the game. And it partially will be.

However it will use the data on the disks as much as possible. Remember that the game uses a streaming installer with different priorities for data. You may need to download patch data first to get out of the 'red' zone instead of data off the disks that will be installed later in the install.

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sweet okies :D At the moment the installer is sitting on "fetching encoding table" and hasnt moved yet :/
Update: The game is installed but every time I launch WoW it stops responding before I even reach the login screen XD
how can i install warlords of draenor without it going through the

You could copy the game from someone who already has it installed. But the game needs the launcher in order to maintain it's game files. You're going to need to play the game so you may as well use it to install the game as well.

Are you having any issues using the Launcher?

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11/13/2014 06:42 AMPosted by Northernlite
The only disks that will work are WOD the others will save no data.

I just bought the Warlords of Draenor 4 disc set. I loaded the first disc in the drive and it auto loaded the battle net sign in page. Once the data was loaded. it did not ask for the second disc. what can I do?

Since you're posting from a level 29 character, I'm assuming you've already been playing a bit before you bought Warlords of Draenor. If that's the case, you've already installed the game so you don't need to use the disks.

It's important to understand that there is only one current version of the game client that everyone uses to play. When you purchase an expansion you upgrade your account level to that expansion. That allows you to go more places and do more things in the game world, but upgrading your account level doesn't change the game client. You won't need to install anything when you merely upgrade your account.

A bit more information, since there is only one current version of the game you should always go to the latest expansion installer disk or the website when installing the game. All of the older installer disk are obsolete.

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i just bought the warlords of dreanor and i installed the first disk but i don't know what to do next. the other disks don't do anything when i put them in.

Actually, you needn't use any of the disks since you already have the game installed. You're currently up to Mists of Pandaria. To unlock the additional content, you just need to go to your Account Management page and add the game key that came with your Warlords of Draenor purchase.

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Feedback? -
Hey so I'm trying to install and it's giving me a hard time it says installing required files and then it goes away and I think it's done so I go to our disc two in and it shows up blank and won't do anything
I read everything here and I have the same problems and it still just loads up the first disc then stops and doesn't do anything--I get an error telling me I don't have a game to add it to. I also lost 3 characters before I bought the upgrade. I have bought and downloaded many games and this is the first time I have ever had so many problems.

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