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You have got to be kidding!

11/13/2014 01:03 PMPosted by Naeron
Thanks for keeping the communication up, Bashiok. These issues really were to be expected, at launch. Heh, it's not even nearly as bad as Diablo 3. What I've been able to experience has been top notch, so far.
11/13/2014 01:03 PMPosted by Egolock
Que times were already wayyy too long at least on illidan
I'd rather wait an hour for a stable experience, than 30 minutes only to have servers crash again and have to sit in the queue from the beginning over and over all day...but maybe that's just me. ;)
ok this is CRAP! i just got kicked from a restart waited 45 mins in a que, got into character select and now i have to reque because of this !@#$......HAVE TO SAY IM PRETTY PISSED
So I guess that means Blizzard doesn't even know what the problem is.
People from Illidan will understand how I'm feeling. Stuck in a 5000 people queue thats telling me I'm gonna be waiting for 334 minutes?!?!?!?!
Im at 2265 in the queue. Damn I should have never logged off, haha.
pays for a game cant play the game seems about right
11/13/2014 01:02 PMPosted by Hina
This is a band-aid solution at best.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. What part of "temporary solution" did you not comprehend?
One of the advantages of being an altholic, plenty of toons and servers to choose from. I specifically have rolled on some low pop servers for this reason.
MoP didn't have these issues...
*sigh* This is getting old. I get lagged out by the server then I get long times loading my character list. Try to log in. CHARACTER NOT FOUND. Been waiting 10 minutes to get my character list to load.. this is just stupid. Now I get these "HURR DURR ERROR OCCURED LOG OUT THEN BACK IN" crap to even make a post.
can we atleast get a list of the servers? ...
Hopefully the lag is fixed it just sucks having been sitting in a queue for over 3 hours now -- I really would like to play the game.
This has happened every launch so most should have expected this...this isnt new news. tho it does suck lol.
awesome, could you please get the hundreds of us stuck on flight gryphons in draenor and lag pockets out maybe? or... perhaps i dunno RESTART the servers?
You think they would have tested the servers a ton more before launch... I expected a lot more from Blizzard
11/13/2014 01:02 PMPosted by Hina
This is a band-aid solution at best.

I am on a medium-high server, and looking at over an hour till I can log in. Over a thousand people are ahead of me.

This is incredibly ridiculous that after 10 years and numerous expacs and patch releases that something like this would still be an issue.
A band aid solution at best? This isn't a permanent state. They're reducing the amount of players allowed on a server so they can actually do work and figure out where the real issues are.
I am so mad,

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