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waited an hour and a half to log in and then once I finally get in, I had enough time to turn in a quest right next to me and run out of the garrison before I d/c'd and now have to wait in another queue up in the 4Ks... perfect.
#Refund WOD
well thanks blizz a little latency but I was able to instance run just fine. now I get dcd and come back to a 5600 que taking 4 hrs thanks a lot. great fix
You know what i find amusing about this whole ordeal, Is witnessing the different types of people posting here, There are the extremists demanding retribution for this insane wait time. There are the apologetics or basically the people not getting mad at Blizzard stating that this sort of stuff is "normal" then there is the rationalists the ones making extremely long posts explaining why this stuff happens and why we shouldn't be so angry for server latency issues as its a technical issue which is expected from these types of events. Then there are the comical people posting state farm ads with a old woman saying 6 callers ahead of us jimmy. It's all very amusing blizzard, 10/10.
well Ive started drinking and Ive changed my outlook on the situation. lets give blizz some slack. cmon guys we aren't dealing with idiots here. we are dealing with blizzard.
85 pages, 2 hours, not 1 word from blizz..... sounds about right
I was lucky enough to get on my realm this morning and played for a while - had to do some RL stuff and knew there would be a queue, however, this is just mind boggling.

From what I saw the game was great and everything that was mentioned previously before the launch.

My biggest concern is that I do happen to play on a high pop server and have played on the same realm for years. We had issues about a month or so ago where we had queues and all that jazz which should have been a warning that things were just going to get worse, however, I don't think that any of us were even remotely prepared for this.

I know that we'll have queues like this until Monday or possibly Tuesday of next week, however, Blizzard knew there were issues to start with and has done nothing to fix it. Not proper planning on their part and I will have to admit that I am more than a bit disappointed. Oh well, time to go see where I can spend my money after ten years of playing World of Warcraft.
#Refund WOD
11/13/2014 03:51 PMPosted by Mahéva
So pretty much we have to wait for other players to be done doing their things so we can finally have our turn to play? Fair enough, how about we get refunded for the time we waste in queue. Sorry but seeing 1117 min average is frustrating. Already been in queue waiting for 2 hours for Stormreaver and there's still over 80 minutes left after update and over 906 people ahead of me. That's really great. How many expansions came out? How long did they have to fix that !@#$? Seriously this is getting old. Everytime it's the same thing. Everytime we go through this and they wonder why they lose suscribers...

don't worry, blizz figured out the perfect plan. They just crash servers every ~20 min or so.

I just got kicked out, logged back in instantly, put in a 5.5k queue.

So you get in, play for 20 minutes, get kicked out via crash, have to wait in queue while everyone ahead of you gets in, plays for 20 min, gets kicked out, repeat!

11/13/2014 03:52 PMPosted by Alsamma
11/13/2014 12:59 PMPosted by Bashiok
In attempts to pinpoint latency related issues we’ve temporarily lowered the maximum number of people allowed in each realm. This will result in higher queue times as realms who have populations above the cap will not allow any new players in until it decreases back down below the new player cap. We’re continuing work on this and other issues impacting game latency.

Rubbish, absolute rubbish. Your technical department is a disgrace. I have 25 years experience and work on a server farm 9 hours a day. Can I have a job so I can show your technical department this *amazing* concept called "planning" and "load balancing" and all the other terms they seem to know nothing about?

Give this person a job there ^.^
This is getting ridiculous I have been playing for over 9 years now I have paid to play this game since BC and they have never had issues this severe. You would think after so many years in business launch days would be getting better not worse Jesus !@#$ing Christ.
While I understand stuff like this happens on launch day, I feel there is an issue that you should be aware of and possibly be addressing.

I was connected on Stormrage server (the wait in queue sucked, but it is what it is), and then I went into an instance. Nothing loaded and it eventually tried to kick me to the character screen. Where it got to "retrieving character list" and could get no further. Then it said "an error has occurred" and went nowhere. I've been stuck at this stage for over 30 minutes. I cant switch characters or switch servers as I can't get past the Retrieving Character List stage for any server regardless of queue time.

Please address, feedback would be appreciated.
Not liking the whole bit about your online for how ever long then they boot you off... then throw you into a 2k Que again that u just got out of... what happened to the good ol 15 min holder they used to have.
11/13/2014 03:44 PMPosted by Viciousangel
If my calculation is correct, and this is how bored I am. There are 236 servers across the 4 available areas. US, Oceanic, Latin America and Brasil and by my calculations if they truly do have 10 Million Subscribers, then that's 42,376 players per server. Dunno if that is bad or good but it sounds like a lot. And you would think there would be some better preparation if the game is like they say it is, growing in popularity. Just my honest opinion.

what about servers in EU and china?
Frustrated really is the better word. Just tired of poor server capacity Jivard. I am not sure how many people did Beta testing at once, but it sounds like, and I'm going out on a limb here, we could, MAYBE for the next expansion if we have one, stress test the hell out of the servers? Clearly any stress tests that were done somehow missed this issue?
if ur bored during the que watch this lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU41MQl_HpA
i waited 1.5 hours to log in. killed literally 1 orc and disconnected. and then back to the que.
#Refund WOD
So glad, I took off and used personal time just to be greeted with queues? Seriously after 10 years of MMO experience you are still having log in issues? Holy Crap. I think its about time you move off your current hosting provider and move into Rackspace or any other established hosting company. And that is just one of Blizzard's huge problems.

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