Wrath of Gronn is bugged

Bug Report
On Wyrmrest Accord, nearly all of the Gronn for the quest "Wrath of Gronn" are bugged. They cannot be released, clicked on, or interacted with in any way whatsoever.

Everyone in general (and /yell) is recommending to to just find one that works and camp it, as only one or two out of all of them are working/responding properly.

Editing to add that there are a grand total of TWO Gronns on the server that are working properly and counting towards the quest, and each seems to have a multiple-minute-long spawn timer. At least the kills seem to be shared, so anyone nearby gets credit, but I've already been standing here for ~10 minutes and have only seen one gronn spawn so far.
yeah the gronn quest giving every one in the server a huge bottle neck ...
Bleeding Hollow too. Exact same issue it seems.
same on blackrock
Have you tried clicking on the chains and ball that holds them?
You don't click on the chains or gronn themselves. You need to wait for the 3 enemy NPCs to spawn and chain the gronn down - you then kill them and he releases himself and you get credit. *ANYONE* in the immediate vicinity gets credit so you don't even need to group up.

That said, I can also attest to the fact that several gronn on my server were bugged when I did this yesterday. Only two or three seemed to be working and they were on 10+ minute respawn timers.
It's underground. find the cave and walk to the bottom.

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