I just cancelled my sub.

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I am posting this because I am curious as to how many other people have done the same. I may come back when or if this is all fixed. I am really not sure. This was just so terrible of an experience as a subscriber and customer. I am not ranting or even that upset anymore. I am disappointed. Anyone else?
Cool story bro thanks for clearing up space

Not even because of the queues or the lag or the crashes.

There are just so many jerks who are attracted to this game now. I have no desire to play video games with abject socoipaths. Just read the hateful, inane pablam you're bound to see below....
I'm sure Stormrage thanks you for the spot in queue. /wave
just take 1-2 months break and come back, im sure queue will be fixed by then!
Unless your sub ends in like less than 3 days I don't see why people are cancelling their subs already.. You're just gonna have to resub next week when the servers are fixed.
11/15/2014 07:59 PMPosted by Hanibul
Cool story bro thanks for clearing up space

stay in queue baddie while im 99
Another drink for "canceled my sub" thanks everyone for this forum game! I'm loving it!
If this is all fixed lmao
To the point of cancelling your sub? Nah. Maybe burn out.
You are ranting, you're ranting about being disappointed.

Dude you should be more worried about your education and the basic comprehensions rather than WoW.
Yay! more space!!!
Good for you, but no one really cares.

You're ending your sub now when you most likely have days remaining. By the time the sub ends, the issues will be cleared up and you'll be resubbing. Don't bother trying to convince people you won't, you know it's going to happen.

Just like everyone else who ended their sub over the past few days.
Can I have your stuff?
I am posting this because I am curious as to how many other people have done the same.

If they quit the game, how would they respond to you?
You will be back
You can say what you want guys. Unlike the droves of players that are coming back to play WoW, I have been playing consistently since its release. If you want to deal with this madness again, then be my guest. I doubt by some of us leaving Stormrage your queue times will go down very much at all.
I'm blown away by the pouting and threats being done by supposedly grown people. FFS, you've lost $1.50 of playtime, by all means quit, unsub, burn the box the game came in.. That'll show 'em! Of course you're probably still in queue waiting to play, but hoping we're impressed by your hardcore stance eh?
I cancelled by sub, 10 years of playing this is a sign it's time to find another bad habit hobby. Partially the queues but more so not feeling the changes. I might play some Diablo III and try out the Crusader, or catch up on shows I've put off on Netflix.
I would give my stuff away but I can't even log in to give away, shrugs!

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