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Thank you for the apology, I can't speak for anyone else but to me it shows integrity.

while the free game time is an unexpected and amazing gift, I would much rather hear about some of the plans in the works to resolve some of the issues that have been preventing me and my wife from enjoying this expansion to the fullest. I have had 2 open tickets since launch day, and the only information the GM could provide me is that a resolution would have to be addressed by the Devs.

Unfortunately, submitting a ticket is the only option available to us at this time, and I am eagerly looking forward to how the game breaking issues will be resolved. I have no qualms with waiting for a resolution, but a response would be much appreciated.
5 days is that all????
Thank you very much, some people were overreacting crying for refunds and threatening legal action. I just did something else and waited patiently because I knew in the end you guys would make it right.

Thanks for the awesome expansion.
Thank you for both addressing the problem and offering the game time to make up for what was one hellish launch.
THANK YOU! This is HUGELY appreciated by me personally and the WoW community as a whole. I've played WoW almost 10 years and this expansion is the most amazing content I have experienced as of yet. The immersion I feel from the gorgeous new environments, music, models, cut scenes, etc. is beyond anything I've felt in previous content.

I was very upset the first 4 days of release being unable to play more than a few hours. The small amount of time I spent in Draenor before being unable to log on again was overwhelmingly awesome and all I wanted to do was get back and enjoy it! I could write pages upon pages of all the things I am in awe over in this expansion. I honestly can't imagine WoW without a garrison. Please, keep them going in later expansions! I love having my own town. It feels amazing to command your own town, choose what goes where, and who works for you.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took part in making this expansion so amazing, to the customer service reps who had to endure mass amount of angry players, and to J. Allen Brack for the apology and extra game time. Keep up the good work.
double pistols and a wink
Thank you, the expansion has been absolutely amazing. <3

Seeing all the people at launch was fantastic. Yeah, there was queues and some quests took an hour to do but the fun I had once I got all the matt's... This expansion is the best so far and I'm just happy to see how many people are back playing the game. The content is beyond fantastic and I'm glad everything is normal.

The extra game time to me is not necessairy but definitely appreciated. You guys handled the situation extraordinarily well and I look forward to many more years of playing WoW

(Been here since LK)

11/18/2014 02:54 PMPosted by Woof
Not there. I don't see a "I'm sorry" I see a "I apologize" which is not really saying sorry. Nor did they say they completely messed up. Alas, your opinion does not matter to me like most people on these forums..

Should look up "apology synonym" in Google. "Say one is sorry" is one of them.
Alas, I don't expect you to do that, since your ego might get in the way.
Enjoy your five days.
Maybe this has already been answered but when should we see the time added?
Thank you, Mr. Brack. Everyone apart of the WoW team ought to be congratulated, for what they created and for how it has been, and will undoubtedly continue to be, supported.

The effort put forth by the forum mods giving updates to the behind the scenes engineers, from the story writers to the designers, the effort put in by everyone who helps create this wonderful and engaging game (world) repeatedly sets the bar for MMOs, video games, entertainment and story-telling.

And while some of the reactions were childish, the reason so many frustrations were voiced is because the people who play this game, who create and are apart of the community, care about it.

So, thank you for creating something we all enjoy. And know the work of you and the team at Blizzard does not go unnoticed, unappreciated or taken for granted.

A 10-year wow player. A Warcraft player since Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.
My time ran out this morning and I added more time after this announcement. Will I still get those 5 days?
11/18/2014 02:29 PMPosted by Woof
Not once in there did I see an actual "I'm sorry, we messed up."

what's so wrong with this that it's voted down? just because you don't like that he said it doesn't mean it's not true. saying that you hope people will accept an apology that they didn't issue isn't an apology.
Thanks. I have been enjoying the new content and exploring the amazing world all you at Blizzard created for us to play in. I expect problems at launch but I also know that Blizzard will get it all fixed in short order.
ty Sir awesome job all around no worries m8 in it for life!

wonderful expac truly amazing !!!!!!!
Thank you so much!
Glad I could read this. I had time, Still 45 min of queue for Zul'jin...
Good start. What about the queues? Paying a monthly fee to wait in a line is not OK.
Thank you!!
Thanks for this blizzard.

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