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I have ran about 4-5 dungeons on lvl 100 and i havent seemed to get very many drops i think i got 1 my first lvl 100 dungeon and that was it. the 3gold u get from the boss doesnt really cover the wipe costs on the end bosses, due to the fact not many players can deal with mech. of them. idk if its just me but i really do like rolls in dungeons over personal. i get less loot in personal then i ever did in rolls. maybe increase the drop rate a tiny bit on the personal loot. i see a druid get a leather agil drop that would have been awesome if i got it but guess what no luck. maybe im missing something here?
If you que up with a full group you can change the loot to need/greed, this seems to be the best way to go. myself and a few guildies went about 8 consecutive dungeons seeing no loot until we changed it.
The Loot rules without a grp seems to be the PERSONAL system. Which means if there is only 4 bosses you prob have a 25% chance of loot per boss to see one item. I get around 1 Item per dungeon.

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