Stonefury Rescue - Ulna Thresher FAILED

So not really knowing how the follower quests work, I sent someone out with a less than 100% chance to finish the quest Stonefury Rescue. Of course they failed, and I didn't get the follower Ulna Thresher. I didn't realize I wouldn't have an opportunity to try it again if it failed.

Can anyone confirm if I will be able to get this mission again?
Also posted on a similar post: (You aren't the only one my friend!)

I failed the mission at 75% with Olin.

I am now level 96, have 13 followers, and have now run almost a 100 more missions and never seen her mission pop up again. I'm a collector type, so it REALLY bugs me. I'm tempted to put in a GM request about this, but it does't look like they are answering questions about Garrisons and I'd personally rather have them solve those nasty DDoS attacks.

That said, i would REALLY like a blue response on this.

The old QA itch inside of me tells me she's probably at least tied to the level 90 missions and they don't appear for me anymore, since most of my followers have leveled up since.

Now.. that said - I would highly recommend the advice of a previous poster and going to go get Vivianne from Ashran BEFORE DOING THE MISSION as her standard kit should be able to solve the mission with 100% certainty... As my next 12 alts will be doing.
I have failed this as well and can't seem to find any info on how to if at all possible retry or obtain Ulna Thresher in the future.
I asked a GM about this and the response was that the quest will pop up again. I also failed the quest. So far, I have not had a second chance. Still trying.
This happened for me on an alt. I was bummed and, luckily, stopped playing. The character was still at 90 at the time. I sent the followers on the other missions that were available and logged off. I came back today and found that Ulna's mission was available again. I leveled to 91, took the 2 quests that got me Vivianne and just sent her to get Ulna (with 100% chance).

If you haven't leveled, it should appear as a mission the next day. If you have, she may be lost to you forever.
Unfortunately, I have leveled. I don't see many level 90 follower missions any more, maybe one every couple days, so am I SOL on this one?
I am in the same boat. Ugh.
I failed this mission too and my odd is bugging me out about it. How do we get the lady back?
I hope they add some fix for this, maybe scale her Mission or something... :\
I'm a huge collector of anything I can amass, and it upsets me deeply that I also missed Ulna. It doesn't matter that we can get other followers with her traits/abilities, we just need to be able to repeat this mission!

I don't like seeing anything I can't obtain.
Still haven't had a chance to get her on this warrior. Luckily I got her on my priest.
I also failed the quest, been hoping I'd see it pop up again but I'm starting to lose hope.
I would really like a response from a blue about this, since I have only seen the other lvl90 quest resurface but not the one for her.
Same boat.. Would hate to think they set you up to loose out on these follower just cause you don't know what you're doing yet...
Came by to see if there was a blue post yet. I still haven't had a chance to get her again.
I also had this problem on an alt account...really upsetting. My alt is still 90 but the quest hasn't popped up again (failed 2 or 3 days ago).
Have this same issue except I don't ever recall even having a chance at the mission in the first place. I had rested exp so I leveled through 90 very quickly.

Once I realized what had happened, I stopped, checked Wowhead and talked to multiple sources about this. Everyone said that it can pop back up but no one knows the details or steps to actually make it pop back up.

At level 96, I went out and acquired Dagg, a level 90 follower and didn't level him at all. This has enabled level 90 missions to show up (about 2 every other day) but I have yet to see the Stonefury Rescue mission yet. I will keep everyone updated if I have any luck with this...

EDIT 12/6/14: I have not seen the mission yet, which means I probably never will. This is a joke. I have 1 follower with a counter to the Magic Debuff.
I can confirm Zahti's response that you just need to have a level 90 follower to have the level 90 missions pop up. So hopefully you just need to wait till the mission pops again.
I haven't had this problem myself, but it has happened to friends and alts of friends. This is something that not everyone is going to know to do, to go get Vivianne before going on this quest. They should not give a mission that can fail with the two default followers. If this mission is going to be tied to having the Minion Swarms counter, the contract shouldn't show up until Vivianne is available. In addition, for those that have missed this, the mission should come up again--and it should come up regardless of the level of your followers. Being barred from being able to get this due to not doing quests in the correct order (and being unlucky) is completely unfair. It's one thing to not have a follower because you made a conscious choice to have one outpost vs another, or selected a particular follower at the end of a quest chain. But it's another to have a follower removed from your options through no choice of your own. A Blue response on this would definitely be appreciated.
Count me in as part of the group that failed the quest despite an 80-ish success rate. At 93, I've gone back and got Dagg, who was 90. I'll keep him there and see if the quest reappears.

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