To Do maintenance now or not?

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I would vote for now.
Please fix your broken game
Believe you me if I didn't have a daily to do for a mount, even after spending almost $80.00 this month on this game or not I would be playing other things for a month or so till they got it figured out. Just would be such a pain in the !@# having to start all over @ day one of a 20 day quest.
Do it now. They dont work now, fix it now......
Now, please :)
FIX IT NOW!!! better being logged out for maintnence then waiting hours and hours and hours to play and then not being able to at all!!!
do it now! they're just going to delete the post. but still..they should do it now, instead of screwing yet another day of play for those who cannot get on.
None can log on anyways
Their laughing at this post while their sitting at the bar at happy hour... Welcome to world class customer service.
I'm sure nearly everyone would love for them to bring the servers down now, but you need to realize that it takes time code the fixes, let alone find the problems.
do it now!!!! we on the east coast loose tonight and half a day tommorow. this is an insult to us fans
11/14/2014 01:49 PMPosted by Catrìona
bliz is deleting the "do it now" threads as fast as they appear - more excellent customer service - bury the issue by deleting posts and refusing to reply to others asking for an update on toon not found issue

On the slim chance anyone at blizzard reads this before dumping it in the pile of "ignore it and it will go away" threads.

Give us something to go on. I'm on day 2 of hoping to play after work only to get stuck in a queue that might finish in 8 hours or sometime next week. The whole "we're working on it, stuff will be fixed soon (tm)" is worse than saying nothing at all. Obviously you're doing something or everyone would have quit this game by now. Is there any hope of servers returning to normal tomorrow? Next week? I've already cancelled my subscription on the assumption that when it ends next Friday I still will not have gotten to play the game for more than an hour or so before work in the morning.
11/14/2014 01:51 PMPosted by Bellòna
Sorry to say rather they do it today or tomarrow i do not see things getting fixed was down all morning for nothing!! not one thing changed from yesterday to today

Lol actually yah i could play yesterday -.-' now i CANT lol
/signed Do it now, Blizzard.
do the damn maintenance now blizz
fix it now
Blizzard CS is worse than congress, they are deleting posts, ignoring the people !

We want justice !


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