So i cant even transfer

I was finally able to get online last night around 4:28am only to play for 32min before the world servers went down at 5:00am my RL time. So today, i decided that i was going to give in and pay the 25.00 dollars for a transfer and i cant even do that. It says Error: you still have a character online, but i don't. When i got online last night i made sure i had nothing in AH or in mailbox and i gquit. Is blizzard having issues with this as well or do any of you guys know how to fix this issue? I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks
A friend had a similar issue, he was able to call their CS phone line and initiate a transfer.

Be warned though, until KJ comes a non locked realm you won't be able to come back
Make sure your WoW is completely closed out. I had the same issue a few days before WoD. I was logged out but still sitting in the character select screen while WoW was minimized and trying to do the transfer. The website kept giving me the "character online" error. When I closed out WoW completely, it allowed the transfer.

However, keep in mind the current circumstances. It's likely that transfer requests are higher than normal also, so you may have some strange errors.
Load in with another character on another realm

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