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Been trying since 3:30pm cst. This is getting ridiculous
I wouldn't complain except the fact that yesterday, before maintenance I had no issues minus some lag and queue times, but all to be expected. Now I'm sitting here.... wasting 4 hours trying to log in and play. I have waited 2 hours in queue both time, just to be met with "character not found" on ALL my characters and on different realms. I have restarted battlenet, restarted wow, and restarted my computer. Kinda getting irritating now.
Same issue here Agonyz - Bleeding Hollow
I restarted my PC after having Character not Found. and it put me back in que. Zomboden - Turalyon Suddenlink 50 mb/s
If this was my cable provider (cox) or cell (Verizon) I would be asking for and getting a credit for this day. WTF. Blizzard needs to do something to compensate for loss of use. Of course first they actually need to fix the problem.
Hello Blizz, Can we get an estimate of when we will have an answer to this issue?
I planned my evening around this but I can't play because of this "Character not found" crap. It's really aggravating.
I tried everything, cache delete wtf restarted my comp it takes me back to character list then the load in screen at 90% then character not found, what really gets me is my friend is playing on the same server in the other room same connection, but he started right when the maintenance was over, I started several hour's later.
3286 Q 108 Est, Got in, Character not found. Logged out... 6734 Q 460 Est. RLY?!
Nothing happens...

How about an estimate on when you can make an estimate...
WOOOHOOO !!!! Blizzard are you there wake UP nothing work right now ALL my character not FOUND !! Hellllpp !!!

on Mannoroth

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