"Fixed" Turalyon Garrison Instance down

Technical Support
Fixed TY Blizz
Character Stuck - Heckstick

Realm- Turalyon
I can't log into this character Zomboden because he is logged out in the garrison. It just says "World Server is Down"
Everyone on Mal'ganis is stuck at garrisons entrance and in the air, can't do anything. Garrisons BUGGED!
I have been stuck for 2 hrs and nothing helps lol first I wait in queue for 5 hrs then get character not found then wait 3 hrs in queue to login to this glitch yah so you can say im just loving WOD
Also stuck in garrison. Turalyon.
I'm stuck on the FP mount (along with several others) up in the air with a constant "Transfer Aborted: instance not found" error on my main on Elune.
Wow, thanks Zomboden way to break my garrison. = P
Mine is fixed now
Mine isnt fixed yet. Please Blizz get Aerie Peak garrisons working again please.. Been over an hour now.
Ok, mine is fixed too. Time to get out of the garrison ASAP...
Says world server is down still.
still down for me also
fixed again . TY BLIZ
So I can't log onto any of the characters that are near my garrison, on the Turalyon server. Foxttail is stuck, Beijosdoceu won't even go past the blue bar boss. Sigh, been like this for a while now.
Ok so an hour has passed....and I STILL can't play ANY of my toons that are in new content....I am so done. I won't be playing for a couple of days, and hopefully when I get back I can. If not....seriously? sigh.....everyone else has their toons to lvl 95+ lol I can't even get INTO new content.
Same issue
11/15/2014 01:04 AMPosted by Beijosdoceu
lol I can't even get INTO new content.

but yet your level 91?
Turalyon here too, and stuck in the Garrison. My guild thinks I'm retarded for taking so long to level, but oh no, it's because of all these character not found / stuck / DC issues.

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