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I've made it to level 97 without wanting to blow my brains out from doing the thing I dread most in this game.
What little of the expansion I have been able to play has been amazing so far. Hopefully by tomorrow the servers will be more stable.
Well the missions are kinda cool, except the fact you can't log out for fear of not getting back in....

I sent a few followers out on missions for 30-45 min, figuring I would send em on a longer mission before I go to work... Sadly the world server is down so I can't sent them on anything else...
The soundtrack is amazing!
I managed to get to 91 on a toon and was enjoying myself,and yes even the garrison seems interesting.
Garrisons are a fun time sink and the garrison gives me an actual sense of progression. The story is very apparent even if you skip the quest text; and the world is absolutely beautiful.

Warlords when it works is an amazing expansion so far; at least leveling.
The new zones are very very pretty. Shadowmoon valley is just gorgeous, that sky is beautiful.

Gorgrond isn't bad, i kind of like that mountainy feel.

Those are the only two zones i seen. I was gonna go to talador but i got d/ced before i could and i decided hell no to the queue times.
im on shu halo? also loving the expantion
I'm positive that these queues suck and their IT staff is a bunch of incompetent cretins.
Battlefield 4 while I wait in que at position 4083 ... all the cussing, swearing, bombs going off, blood spattering equates to a great stress reliever.
It has some neat lighting effects? Honestly, I have had zero problems logging in, and I still can't think of something positive to say about WoD other than that. I just can't get into the garrison thing. Garrison resources! What an exciting quest reward!...

It started out great, but I'm just not feeling it after Tanaan.
Love the art and the music..but's a positive frustrating.
The game is beautiful and the music is spot on.
The Garrisons are fun to play. The quests seem to have a purpose of story progression now, instead of just quests being quests for the sake of quests. The music is wonderful.
I am so far ahead on homework for fear of leaving my computer and missing my queue. Gotta do something while I sit here waiting ;)
The nex xpac iteself, is actually freaking awesome!
11/14/2014 06:55 PMPosted by Xaple
Who else is enjoying taking it slow and leveling your toon. I am currently level 95. I like to read all the quests and explore each zone completely. I like the snow place the best because it reminds me of WOTLK, my favorite expansion. So far the story is great, love the new direction the game is going with this alternate story line. My favorite warlord is Eye of Kilrogg since he had to give up so much (which i can relate to) to get to where he is now.
-Regards, Xaple The Astral Walker

I agree, I also love to explore 100% of a zone before moving on. Also agree about the snow zone, feels WOTLK, love it.
Loving the story.
The music is cool.
The Zones ( at least the first 2 I've managed to see) are beautiful.
And the Garrison (when not being a total custerfluff) is quite fun.
As I've only gotten on briefly since the live launch but played beta extensively through 2 of my chars... I don't know if they changed it but for random mob tags that was one of my more favourite things as ppl weren't battling for kills
The water, the water in this expansion is just B-E-A-U-TI-FUL

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