Ques and Potential Character Migrations.

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Your in a 3000+ que. You've waited 4 hours so far and you have just reached the 500s. You eagerly awaited for the first moment to get on and play with your friends. Que decides to disappear without reason. Panic fills the core of your soul. You quickly reque and you are back in a now 4000+ que. Panic just became pure anger.

I know a lot of people who can relate to this because I have talked to most of my friends who have played WoW and they are as furious as I am. A few are even planning on canceling because "Why should I be waiting on a game I pay monthly for?" Or "I had a long day at work and I can't even relax because of the horrid ques."

Yes, I know the ques have died down, but still for people who have multiple realms and need to switch to get heirlooms it is a nightmare. I feel that if the ques last longer then a week Blizzard should allow heavy populated servers to free character migrate. Because what I have gotten to play from the new expansion has been amazing, but if it continues like this I will be likely to cancel as well and as a long standing player I would hate to do so.

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